7 Factors to Consider When Evaluating Jewelry Online

It’s no secret that online shopping is a huge trend. People are finding it easier to shop from home, and save time by avoiding traffic or parking hassles. The jewelry industry has seen this trend as well, with many people purchasing their pieces of jewelry online instead of in person at brick-and-mortar stores. There are many factors you should take into consideration when evaluating jewelry online before making your purchase so that you can be confident about the quality and authenticity of your new piece!


Make sure you are purchasing through a reputable online jewelry store!

There are many websites that will sell their pieces at unbeatable prices, but they may not have the same quality and craftsmanship of a more expensive boutique jeweler.

You can do your research to find out which stores offer designer quality for less!

Return Policy

Check the return policy before you make your purchase!

If you order a piece of jewelry online, but it doesn’t fit or look quite the way that you wanted, will they give you a full refund? Are there any restocking fees?

Make sure to choose an online store with reasonable policies in place so that if something isn’t right about your new piece, they’ll work with you until everything is resolved.

Gem type and quality

Check the price-to-quality ratio before making your decision.

There are many reputable stores selling their pieces at nearly wholesale prices because these stores buy directly from designers and mark up only what’s necessary to stay competitive on the market.

However, not all companies buy direct and may have much higher overhead costs than other brands due to physical locations and employees working within multiple departments.

Do your research to determine which companies are selling at the best price-to-quality ratio so that you can be confident in your decision!

Customer Reviews

Check how much weight is given to social media reviews and ratings by other customers before making a purchase.

Many new jewelry brands will try to get as many positive, five star reviews posted online as possible without considering whether or not they’re truthful or accurate.

Make sure to look for stores that prioritize their customer’s experiences over anything else, because it’ll give you more confidence about what type of quality and service level you should expect if you were to make the same purchase yourself!

Rarity  of Stones

Check how rare the stones are that you’re interested in buying.

Natural gemstones have a finite supply, and many companies will try to take advantage of this fact by using synthetic stones or manmade gems instead of genuine natural ones.

Make sure to do some research on any piece with precious stones before making your purchase so that you can be confident about what type of stone you’ll receive!

Provenance and Age

Check how long the brand has been in business and where their pieces originate from before making your decision.

Many companies will try to pass off a new company as an old one, just because they can purchase older stones or metals at wholesale prices that haven’t yet become popular again on the market.

Look for brands with proven track records of quality craftsmanship and authenticity to be confident in your purchase!

Metal type and quality

Check the metal used for any piece of jewelry you’re considering purchasing.

Many companies will try to pass off a cheaper alloy as something more valuable, but it’s important that you know exactly what kind of metals are going into your new jewelry item before making a decision.

Make sure to look for brands that use higher quality metals and are up front about the fact that some of them come from recycled sources!

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