10 Essential Paintball Accessories Every Player Needs

Paintball is a great sport for people of all ages. It’s easy to learn, fun to play, inexpensive and something that can be done anytime in any location with your friends or family. To make the experience even better, here are 10 paintball accessories every player needs.

Marker Guns

There are so many markers out there to choose from but if you want something good, easy to use, and affordable then I would definitely recommend buying a Tippmann 98 Custom.

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series .68 Caliber Paintball Marker with ACT
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Not only is it an all-time favorite among paintballers everywhere but it’s also really durable and adaptable.

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series is a reliable, easy-to-use semi-automatic paintball marker that can be easily upgraded for a one in a million shot. It offers a split receiver design that gives you quick access to the internal components which means no time is wasted when it’s time to upgrade your marker’s performance.

The manufacturer has included Picatinny rails for added customization! Leave your worries at home with this ACT technology and go out there knowing this marker will deliver shots you know are going clean through your opponents’ goal line.

Invest when quality matters because when everyone else switches from paintballs to discs…you better believe they’ll still want guns from Tippmann!


I know it sounds crazy but not wearing a mask can actually cause you more pain than playing the game itself because if you get hit in the eye from an errant paintball then your eye will swell up as well as suffer from blurred vision.

In addition to this fact, there are also some really cool paintball masks that protect other parts of your body as well! For example, a paintball goggle can keep your face warm or cool depending on the weather, and lower cheek guards give you even more protection from those nasty shots.

Air Tanks

Just like marker guns there are tons of different kinds out there and it can be overwhelming to choose but I would recommend going with an aluminum 72 cubic inch tank.

Not only does this smaller size make the tank more maneuverable than its larger counterparts, but it’s also really lightweight which means you won’t get as tired while carrying it around.

If you want something even lighter then I would recommend buying a carbon fiber tank-not only is this material stronger and more durable than aluminum, but it also has one of the best thermal properties for heat dissipation.

Knee Pads

You can’t play paintball without some type of protective gear on and the best starting point is with elbow pads and knee pads. Knee pads are pretty self-explanatory, but elbow pads help protect your arm as well as guard it against scrapes and bruises which means less time in first aid and more time on the field!

Gear Bag

A proper paintball gear bag is pretty important, especially if you are traveling to different locations.

If you’ve got kids then they’ll definitely want some type of rolling carrying case because it makes it easier for them to carry all their stuff around while not forgetting anything at home. On the other hand, an over-the-shoulder style bag works well for players with no children who are on foot or have a car nearby.

On top of that, waist packs are great for beginners because it makes gun access easy but doesn’t take up too much room which means there’s more room in your gear bag to store your marker gun and air tank inside!

Ball Haulers

Paintballs come in two sizes so you’re going to need more than one bag! The larger of the two is a 150-ball bag and it will get you through about half a day of playtime.

However, if you plan on playing all day then make sure to get yourself a 200+ ball sack because it’ll help you maximize your time on the field and not waste time running back and forth to refill.

Gun Stand

Not only does this look cool in your room but it also helps protect your investment by keeping dust and debris away from the gun’s internals while doubling as a place to store your marker when not in use.

On top of that, most stands come with places for additional magazines so you don’t run out of ammo mid-game!

Paintball Gun Case

This is actually more of a necessity than it is an accessory but for those of you lucky enough to already own one: make sure to take good care of it!

Not only will this help prolong the life and look of your marker gun by protecting it from dust and scratches; but it’ll also keep you from having to fork out any extra cash on paintballs which means more money in your pocket!

Lens Cleaner

For those times when there’s just too much dirt or debris on your mask, then this little tool has got you covered.

All you have to do is wet the cloth, wipe away whatever mess needs cleaning and voila-you’re back in business! And if that wasn’t enough, these lens cleaners are going to help you save money in the long run because they’re reusable hundreds of times.

Scuba Tank Fill Station

Not everyone can afford their own paintball air tank but that doesn’t mean you still can’t play!

You may need to make a few calls and talk to some friends or family members but it’s worth it in the end when you get to spend your weekends playing paintball without having to worry about driving out and wasting time scouring for a place to fill up your tank.

Now that we’ve gone over all 10 accessories I suggest making a list of everything you’ll need before spending any money on your new hobby; this way there won’t be any regrettable purchases. On top of that here are a few safety precautions to keep in mind before taking your marker out on the field: make sure you always wear protective gear, paintball is only allowed at sanctioned areas, and never pick up another person’s paintballs.

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