Drone Flying as a Hobby

Flying drones is a relatively new but rapidly growing hobby that has been made popular by the significant price drops in drones and equipment in recent years. There are many advantages to drone flying-it’s a great way to see the world from a new perspective, it can be extremely rewarding when you finally create your perfect shot, and it offers the opportunity to take on exciting projects with friends and family members.

Drone Flying as a Hobby

Advantages of Drone Flying

View the world from above

One of the main advantages of drone flying is that it allows you to view the world from a new perspective. You can fly your drone high in the sky through mountains, or across oceans into countries you’ve never been able to visit before. It’s also possible to see things much closer up than you would be able to do otherwise, like seeing what’s happening on your neighbor’s lawn.

Learn new skills

Another advantage to drone flying is that it can be a great way to learn some new and exciting skills. It’s possible to practice the basics of first-person video before even getting on a skateboard or trying skiing, and also offers the chance for you to try out your video editing in different conditions. This can help you develop your sense of composition and learn how to capture the best footage.

Share your hobby with friends and family members

Drone flying is also a great way to share your hobby with friends and family members. It allows you to try out new tricks together, like racing each other through the woods or trying out all different kinds of maneuvers in open fields. It can be fun for people of all ages, so it’s possible to get the whole family involved-and maybe even compete with them!

Take on exciting projects

One last benefit to drone flying is that it gives you the chance to take on some unique and exciting projects by yourself or with others. For example, you could create a time-lapse video over several hours, or you could just fly your drone over your favorite cliff and take some artistic photos. The possibilities are endless!

So What Do You Need to Get Started?

  • You’ll need a camera with at least one or two lenses
  • A controller for the drone with a display
  • A few batteries so you have spares
  • A memory card for your photos and video
  • A laptop or smartphone so you can edit your photos
  • Optional: a tripod to hold the drone steady as it films
  • Optional: a gimbal for your camera’s lens

Once you have the equipment, learning how to fly is simple. Just remember that there are regulations in place where you live that dictate how high and far away from humans drones should be flown, so make sure to read up on those before you take off!

It might be a good idea to find an online course about drone flying if it’s your first-time too-expertise can come with experience but also from training!

And don’t forget to do research into what type of FAA registration is required based on which country you live in and how to use the equipment you bought responsibly.


OK, so now that we’ve covered what you need and where to start with your drone flying hobby, it’s time to get out there and take some awesome footage!

Drone flying can be a hobby for anyone. Whether just learning how to fly, trying to capture the perfect shot, or competing with family and friends it is always an exciting experience.

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