30 Dowsing Terms

Dowsing is an ancient technique that has been used for thousands of years to find water, metals, and other substances. It’s also used by many people to locate lost objects or missing persons. Dowsers use a variety of different tools in their work such as L-rods, pendulums, and wands. If you’re new to dowsing or just want a refresher on the terminology associated with it, this blog post will provide essential terms for understanding the process.

  • Aquifer: A body of water-bearing permeable rock, sand, or gravel from which groundwater can be extracted using wells.
  • Aura: An aura is an energy field that surrounds living things and the earth in a rainbow color spectrum with different meanings attributed to each color. It’s subtle but detectable by those who are sensitive to it.
  • Beneficial Energy: Any type of energy that is good for people or life on Earth generally speaking (positive), such as solar radiation and ultraviolet light waves.
  • Circadian Rhythm: The cycle of biological processes within living organisms including humans, plants, animals, fungi etc., repeated over 24 hours; these cycles have been described as sleep/wakefulness rhythms too among other labels because they include regular changes related to the amount of light or dark in a day.
  • Detrimental Energy: Any type of energy that is bad for people or life on Earth generally speaking (negative), such as ionizing radiation and ultraviolet rays from the sun that cause skin cancer.
  • Dimension: Dimensions are levels, planes, worlds, realms etc., all with their own specific qualities and properties. The first three dimensions we know about are width/length/height which make up space; two more dimensions have been hypothesized by physicists but they remain theoretical at this time because it’s not possible to measure them directly – time and maybe an additional spatial dimension called “hyperspace.” We don’t yet fully understand what these other dimensions would be like if they exist so there are many theories about it.
  • Distant Dowsing: Distant dowsing is the process of using divining tools such as L-rods to find water sources or minerals from a distance, without having any connection to them directly. It’s possible because these types of energies do not require contact with an object in order for us to interact with them – they are omnipresent and everywhere at all times. As humans we’re constantly bombarded by energy whether we know it or not which means that there is always some kind of response when one uses divination tools like crystals, pendulums etc., over something sensitive like underground water reservoirs or mineral deposits deep under the earth where there would be no surface indications even if you stood right on top of it.
  • Dome or Blind Spring: A dome is a natural enclosure, often round and formed by the surrounding earth, where groundwater seeps to the surface; this water can be tapped with wells if they are dug deep into the ground in order for people to get access to clean drinking water – which could save lives especially during long-term droughts. This type of spring has no outlet so its source remains unknown until someone discovers it while walking around looking for one. It’s also called an “open” well because there is nothing obstructing the path between its opening and base at all times; these springs typically have a hole on top as their only way out since rainwater flows through them instead of being drawn up from below like in a normal well.
  • Dowsing Rods: Dowsing rods are also known as “divining rods” or dowsers – these tools were traditionally made from forked branches and can be used to find water, minerals, etc., by following the direction that they point in when held at arm’s length with one hand flat against another end. This is a type of divination tool called an L-rod because its shape resembles this letter more than anything else; many people who do not know about them think that they are something like fishing poles but their function is very different since you never actually hold onto them while using them which means there isn’t any weight involved either.
  • Energy Line: Energy lines are also known as “energy ley” or energy meridians; this is a term that refers to the earth’s natural electromagnetic currents which can be found in places where there are concentrations of spiritual power such as churches, temples etc. It’s possible for these types of energies to produce nodes which might indicate an area where water reservoirs can be found – since it has been speculated by some that they exist deep below the ground and would not show up on surface measurements even if you stood right on top of them – though no one knows for sure what their true depth could be.
  • Energy Spring: An energy spring is another type of open well but unlike dome springs these do have outlets so its source remains unknown until someone discovers it while walking around looking for one. In the same way that these water sources are always open, they also contain a lot of spiritual power which is why people who visit them feel uplifted and refreshed afterwards; this type of spring can be found in places where there has been great tragedy or loss but it’s still unclear whether their existence is due to some kind Energy line running through those areas or just coincidence since no evidence exists to prove either theory yet.
  • Energy Source: The term “energy source” refers to anything that produces an electromagnetic current such as solar energy, geothermal heat, etc., though the most common example used when referring to water reservoirs would be underground aquifers being replenished with rainwater by springs because any time there was significant rainfall like in the winter, it would be discharged into rivers and streams which are a major supplier of drinking water throughout North America.
  • Entity: The term “entity” refers to an object or force that is very powerful in terms of spiritual energy; on rare occasions these will stay behind when something dies so it’s possible for them to attach themselves even if they were not there at the time since their spirit can remain present until its been dealt with by someone who knows how to do this type of work. It’s unclear whether this power comes from one spot like a geothermal hot-spot area where springs create vapors as part of the natural processes involved – though most people feel that entities manifest due to negative feelings left over from intense emotional experiences such as murder or suicide.
  • Equinox: The word “equinox” refers to the two times of year when day and night are exactly equal, which means that it’s no longer light or dark but a mixture of both; this is because these seasons occur twice a year as opposed to other types such as solstices which only happen once every six months – so during an equinox sunrise will be at approximately six am followed by sunset just before midnight for those who live near the north or south poles respectively.
  • ESP: ESP stands for extrasensory perception and its an ability some people have whereby they can sense things without actually being aware of them consciously. It has been speculated that rather than working on their own with any type of spiritual power, they might be tapping into a collective consciousness that’s available to them since it would explain things like how one person can know what the other is thinking even if they’re not in close proximity.
  • Feng Shui: Feng shui refers to the ancient Chinese art of placement which was originally used for making homes more prosperous and pleasant but has since been applied to many different aspects of life such as office spaces and garden design; this term means “wind-water” and its an energy flow concept because these flows are determined by our cultural surroundings including natural features or manmade objects we’ve placed there – so figuring out where you should put something could give off vibes similar to those from certain plants or flowers while others have negative ones.
  • Hard Target Dowsing: Hard target dowsing can refer either to finding something on one particular spot (like when someone needs help locating their keys) or getting information about a person who may not want this; those with psychic abilities often use divination tools such as pendulums but if they’re doing this kind of work there has been some assumption that they must have very intense spiritual power because it takes them longer than other types do. The information they’re sending is a set of random signals which are interpreted by their subconscious mind and this can be used for lots of things like predicting the future, locating missing objects or even just communicating with someone who doesn’t want to talk.
  • Information Dowsing: Information dowsing refers to divination practices where there’s an exchange between two people in order for them to find out something about one another; it usually involves a pendulum being held over various letters on cards – so if we were trying to figure out what your favorite color was, you would pick up either red or yellow while I did my best not think about anything at all because that kind of energy could interfere with the reading. The more intense these energies get (like when both of us were thinking about the color red), the more accurate our prediction would be.
  • Intensity: Intensity is a term that can refer to anything from a person’s emotional state – which could be either high or low energy, to how powerful their subconscious mind might feel (so if it was buzzing with information, this would indicate they’re in an intense place mentally).
  • Kinesiology: Kinesiology refers specifically to muscle testing as another type of divination practice and it usually involves two people holding on to each other’s hands while trying not break contact; there are many different ways for someone taking these tests because some use specialized machines instead but what matters most is whether your muscles become stronger when you think thoughts like “I’m happy” or weaker when you think “I’m sad.”
  • Power Center: A power center is the point on an energetic grid where time and space come together to create powerful energy; these might be felt in different ways like they’re a place of strong spiritual power or it’s been said that if you meditate at one, they’ll help keep your thoughts steady.
  • Primary Water: Primary water can refer to any kind of body of water including lakes, oceans and even underground springs – so there are many different types but what matters most is whether we feel something unusual about them because this indicates that their energies have changed somewhat over time.
  • Remanence: Remanence refers specifically to how Earth continues holding onto things created by humans after all physical evidence has disappeared – such as when someone sees a ghost around old buildings which has been the remnants of a past life.
  • Site Dowsing: Site dowsing usually refers to divination practices where someone is trying to figure out what’s going on in an area – like whether there are negative energies or positive ones which can affect how people feel about them; some use pendulums and others might simply walk around with their eyes closed and then tell me if they find any significant energy that way.
  • Solstice: Solstices refer specifically to either summer (June) or winter (December), depending on when it occurs, but these could be used by ritualists for various purposes including drawing power from the earth because this time would be considered stronger than other days.
  • Springs: Springs usually refers to natural bodies of water and they’re often used by people because the power of these places is said to be stronger than most other waters.
  • Technical Energy: Technical energies usually refer to how humans create powerful energies through electricity, electronics or even machinery like cars on highways – so if we were talking about vehicle traffic, there would be an intense vibration created but if it was due to factories nearby, it might create a high-pitched humming sound which is one example of how this type of energy can change over time.
  • Telluric Energy: Telluric energies are the planet’s natural energies and they’re often felt in different ways depending on where you are – for instance, if someone feels more energized around mountains or near waterfalls then that would be an indication that these places have relatively higher amounts of telluric power than others.
  • Thought Forms: Thought forms refer to powerful thoughts being repeated again and again until they start having effects outside our minds; some people believe this happens when we constantly think about achieving something without putting any physical effort towards making it happen so the thought form starts emitting its own energy as well.
  • Yin & Yang: Yin and yang energies refers specifically to Eastern philosophies but these two opposing types of energy are said to work together in order for harmony on Earth; some believe it works through how masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energies are balanced.

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