12 Different Types of Movies

There are many different types of movies that you can watch, and it’s important to know what type best suits your preferences. Some people like action-packed thrillers while others enjoy a good comedy. This blog post will discuss the different types of movies so that you know which ones are for you!

12 Genres of Movies

Action: Action movies are a great way to get your heart pumping. These types of films usually contain lots of fighting scenes, explosions and suspenseful music that will keep you on the edge of your seat for two hours or more!

Adventure: Adventure movies take viewers all around the world as they follow their protagonist’s journey and life-changing experience. They often have a sense of optimism and are typically family-friendly.

Comedy: Comedies can be anything from romantic comeds to raunchy, offensive ones; it all depends on the type you’re in the mood for! Whether you prefer something light or dark, these movies will always have some laugh-out loud moments that’ll activate your funny bone.

Crime: Crime dramas portray a more realistic version of crimes such as murder investigations. The protagonist is often someone who has been affected by crime themselves so they experience high levels of emotion throughout their story arc as they try find out what really happened

Drama: These films contain lots of emotional scenes where the characters fight with each other or suffer through challenging times while trying to maintain relationships.

Fantasy: Fantasy movies are unique because they often contain supernatural elements that aren’t found in other genres.

History: History films take viewers on a journey through the past and can sometimes be based off of true events or people, but many times are fictional stories about characters who live during certain time periods so you can learn more about what life was like back then

Horror: Horror movies make for some great Halloween viewing! They’re usually scary thrillers where the protagonist has to face their deepest fears while trying not to get killed by killers, ghosts or zombies. If those things don’t scare you, then maybe comedy horror is better for your taste buds!

Mystery: Mystery movies typically have a sense of suspense as they follow an investigator’s search for the truth. Some are straight-forward whodunits, while others will leave you guessing until the very end of the film

Romance: Romance movies usually have a happy ending where all ends well and lovers live happily ever after! They often contain elements such as suspenseful music, strong dialogue or love triangles to keep viewers entertained throughout their story arc

Sci-Fi: Sci-fi films can take many different forms depending on what type is desired by both director and audience. For example, some sci fi films focus more on science with technology that could potentially happen in our world today; other times they’re set in an alternate reality full of advanced creatures like aliens or robots

War: War movies typically portray the horrors of war like the fear, death and destruction that it brings. They often have a sense of patriotism or showcase how people are affected by wars. Some War movies will be more light-hearted than others; but they’ll all give you an understanding as to what life would be like if there was another world war

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