Different Types of Ice Skating

First of all, there are different kinds of Ice Skating that anyone can enjoy! There are four main types of skating that you could choose from but they usually break down into either Figure Skaters or Hockey Players/Skaters depending on how fast-paced the sport is and whether or not you are interested in competing with other skaters.

Different Types of Ice Skating

In Figure Skating, there are different categories from which you could enter contests depending on your level of skill and experience. As a beginner there is Novice but for those that have been skating longer or if they’re more advanced then they can compete in Intermediate, Advanced, or Professional Categories. There are also Showcase events too where you would perform for the judges rather than compete against other skaters.

There’s also Hockey… and this is a type of ice skating that requires two teams: one team with five players and the other with six players per side and each player has their own role to play such as Goalie (You can’t score points with them), Defensemen (Physical Position) & For (Highly Skilled) among others. Ice Hockey also has a fast pace and is a contact sport that requires a lot of skill, coordination and teamwork to succeed!

There are other kinds of skating too such as Dancing on Ice where performers have pre-choreographed routines set out by the judging panel who then gives their own evaluation score based on the performance they witnessed… it’s like figure skating for non-figure skaters (known as show skaters)!

There’s also Freestyle or Artistic skating which is mostly freestyle where you can make up your own routine however if you not very creative with coming up with new tricks or ideas then you may also like to learn some of the most popular moves from several artistic programs and perform them to music (Which can be any song you like!). There’s also Speed skating where skaters must skate around a 400m or 500 meters course as fast as possible.

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