Cameron Diaz’s Hobbies

  • Snowboarding, Rafting

Cameron Diaz is not just a talented actress, but also an adventure enthusiast who loves to try out different outdoor activities. Among her hobbies, snowboarding and rafting are two of her favorites.

Diaz is an experienced snowboarder who loves the speed and adrenaline rush that comes with the sport. In fact, she is so passionate about it that she underwent plastic surgery to repair her nose after sustaining an injury while snowboarding. She has also been spotted hitting the slopes at various ski resorts around the world.

In addition to snowboarding, Diaz also enjoys white-water rafting. She has been known to take trips down the Colorado River and other challenging rapids with friends and family.

Aside from these adventure sports, Diaz is also an advocate for a healthy and active lifestyle. She practices yoga and Pilates regularly, and also enjoys hiking and running to stay in shape. Overall, her love for outdoor activities and adventure makes her an inspiration for those who want to pursue an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

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