Best Android Bullet Hell Games in 2022

Bullet hell or shoot ‘em ups are games with easy-to-play yet very exciting gameplay.

Decluster Zero: Bullet Nocturne

In .Decluster Zero, you’ll experience traditional Japanese bullet hell gameplay with beautiful neo-retro dot graphics. The game features a bullet-canceling system that allows you to erase bullets and clear the screen.

You’ll encounter tons of bullets, but with this system, you can easily avoid them and keep playing. This game is an insane bullet hell shooter that will challenge your reflexes and skills.

The ‘homing laser’ mechanic is a key feature of the game, allowing players to cause considerable damage to enemies while also deflecting bullets. The homing laser requires a gauge, which can be easily filled by attacking enemies. Players are encouraged to use the homing laser aggressively in order to defeat enemies.

Another key mechanic is ‘capture’, which allows players to slow down bullets and use them for counterattacks. It is important to capture bullets collectively in order to turn them into effective attacks. Other features of the game include a level select menu that allows players to start from previously cleared levels and various option settings.


Some people play video games to relax, others to socialize, and still, others to compete. But what about those who play for the chance to strike it rich? With the recent release of ShooMachi, a retro JRPG-style bullet hell shoot ’em up game, players have the chance to do just that.

The game features a unique “bonanza” system that rewards players with increasing amounts of XP if they can clear a stage without taking any damage. And while some might argue that this is simply another way for developers to sell in-game items, the reality is that trying to strike it rich through video games is nothing new.

Bullet Hell Monday Finale

In this bullet hell shooter game, your goal is to avoid the bullets and shoot enemies. It sounds simple enough, but trust us, it’s not! As you progress through the game, enemies will become more plentiful and their bullets will move faster. That’s why it’s important to upgrade your craft regularly. With each upgrade, you’ll be one step closer to taking down the boss and clearing the Chapter Mode.

Bullet Hell Monday Finale gives you fun, as you have a mission of killing enemies. There are options for leveling up the game and strengthening your craft. From the Chapter Mode, you will get a chance of choosing the difficulty level. You can launch bombs using swipe gestures.

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