2 Best Android Bike Racing Games in 2022

Here are the best bike racing games for Android to fulfill your craze for bikes. Most games bring the biggest collection of all type of bikes.

Live Cycling Manager 2021

Live Cycling Manager 2021 is an awesome game. You can make your dream club and be the Sports Manager of a professional cycling team. You will compete with other 40 teams until you get to the top!

You dream of becoming a professional cyclist, but where to start? Hire the best cyclists and trainers for your team. Control finances and manage your club from day one so that you can overcome any setbacks during the season. Come prepared with exclusive training sessions before grand tours or pre-race training camps–whatever it takes!

You’ll be able to get your adrenaline pumping and experience the exhilaration of racing a race in 3D through this game. Command cyclists by giving them orders, such as “Faster!” or “Slow down!”, compete against 40 existing teams for season championship titles at various levels!


  • In this exciting racing game, you can race with other players with all bicyles and environments in 3D graphics.
  • Three different categories, WC, CC and HC for real races. With every type of tour (Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, Vuelta a España and Tour of Flanders), one day race with over 240 stages – best races on French soil Spain Belgium Japan California Roubaix Liege.
  • Get an overview of the tactics you should employ at different times in the race.
  • Ride flat races, hill climb trials, time trials on pavés (ruts), mountain half-mountain miscellaneous and timed by teams.
  • In addition to training your cyclists for general improvements, also send them for special training sessions and camps all over the world.
  • You can transfer the cyclists that you don’t need and hire new ones.
  • To be at their best, cyclists need to control their fitness as well as the fatigue they accumulate over the course of the season.
  • Hire staff such as coaches, mechanics etc.
  • As a good manager, it is important to seek out and negotiate with sponsors for your club.

Trial Xtreme 4: Extreme Bike Racing Champions

If you like racing, this game brings in an adventure that will never get boring. You can always race in the single player mode or against your friends or random people from all over the world. There are more than 200 levels, 3D graphics and the possibility to improve your bike with plenty of gear.

Race against players from all over the world and win cash prizes. If that’s not your thing, earn money by taking on the best in PVP duels or tournaments for a chance at winning massive prizes.

Your bike skills will be challenged and your strategic thinking put to the test! That’s right, only those who can master our levels with 3 stars and unlock all of our crazy Xtreme Levels are true champions. Are you ready for this ultimate challenge?

There are over 200 levels of challenges. Make sure that each level is not just challenging your biking skill but also a strategy game. Not everyone has what it takes to get three starts on every level or reach out most extreme levels ever made – so go pro like us today!

If you’re looking for a totally wild and crazy ride, this is the game! 3D graphics that will blow your mind are combined with perfectly designed levels to make an insane experience.

Upgrade your bike abilities to help you hit the track with a bang and gain an even better sense of style. From 200+ customization gear items, upgrade every last detail from tires to frames, handlebars to seats―including matching styles for total swag-mode domination!

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