5 Best Trivia Card Games in 2022

Trivia card games are a favorite for many people. They offer the chance to show off your knowledge of obscure facts and test your wits against others in an engaging, interactive way. There are a lot of trivia card game options out there, so it can be hard to find the best one for you. In this post we will explore some of the top trivia card games on the market and provide reviews about them.

Factors to Consider When Buying Trivia Card Games?

There are many factors that you should consider when trying to decide which trivia card game is the best for your needs. Here are some of them:

Is it engaging?

The whole point of a trivia card game is to be interactive, so if it’s not fun and interesting then what’s the point? Think about how much time will be spent answering questions- do they all require heavy reading or can there also be things like fill in the blanks with an answer on the bottom as well. You’ll want something where everyone has plenty to say and participate rather than just one person dominating conversations while others watch!

How difficult are they?

Some games have really easy cards because they’re geared towards children, but other times these types of trivia card games are geared towards adults and they can be a lot more difficult. Obviously the difficulty of these types of cards will depend on who’s playing, but it is something to think about!

How long does each game last?

Some people might not want to play for an hour or so while others would prefer that because those levels make their lives easier with how much time they have. If you’re going somewhere like a party where there’ll be tons of people in a smaller space, it might be best to have shorter levels so people won’t get too bored.

5 Best Trivia Card Games

Wit’s End Board Game

Wit’s End Board Game will energize your mind and have you bantering with friends for hours. Open up the game board, place cards in their corresponding slots to form a question, and start challenging yourself as well as others.

Answer questions in four categories (sequencing, pattern recognition, inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning) at every turn as you work towards the center of the board. One wrong answer knocks you out of contention but challenges are so engaging that players rarely get caught making mistakes twice.

Wrap your brain around problems like deducing what odd one is out; identify if there is a void between two certain values or possessing knowledge on topics such as geography or mathematics; order combinations of items by size or location from small to large or vice versa, or match a series of events.

Trivillennial – The Trivia Game for Millennials 

Millennials have a whole lot going on, with new inventions and culture moments coming across our screens all the time. Trivillennial is here to keep you up-to-date on all things millennials need to know!

With 1,000 questions about celebrities, trends in society, and even edible delicacies from grilled cheese sandwiches to craft beer – this trivia game keeps the millennial in you engaged through these crazy fast sounds bites of pop culture.

Challenge your friends or test your knowledge solo: if this product doesn’t make you feel like a true millennial then we question whether or not that was really what we were aiming for.

Ridley’s 80s Pop Culture Trivia

Looking for the perfect way to prove your 80s pop culture knowledge? Look no further! This trivia game is great for friends, family, couples or yourself. 

In this fun and entertaining trivia game that spans over a decade of popular movies/television shows like Ghostbusters and Super Mario Bros., you’ll test your memory on who was on what team in The A-Team> What Madonna song propelled her into stardom?

This set contains 140 cards (each with 4 questions) packed in a durable geometric print box. It’s a thoughtful gift for any pop information nerd.

STEM Family Battle

STEM Family Battle is a new level of family trivia made for the gamified world we live in. Your game night will never be the same after this creative, challenging and thought-provoking question time.

Prepare to be stuffed with 800 balanced Science, Technology, Engineering and Math questions that’ll keep you not just entertained but also completely stumped (but only if you’re an adult).

With references to video games and other pop culture tropes located throughout, it’s perfect for your screen-free family game night or even a party – helping or hinder others as they race to unlock treasure chests by being first to answer questions correctly which has opponents manipulating them strategically.

So sharpen those mental swords with the help of STEM Family Battle for all your head-to-head trivia needs!

All of Us – The Family Trivia Game for All Generations

Join in the battle, as you take on players of all ages and earn bragging rights for your family name. Get ready to learn everything from events and movies that happened before you were born, up to current-day news stories: What is the country with more Chickens than any other? What city has the most TV’s per capita? How many hours are in a day? 

Each All Of Us player will answer trivia questions thoughtfully then pass the question deck around when time runs out. Players must also compete each round but can help teammates play their way – or try to steal cards with tricky Wild Cards that come up each turn! The first team/player who collects 5 points wins!

550+ trivia questions are separated into different categories.

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