8 Best Tools to Create Interactive Videos

Everyone has a story. Some are as complex and deep as the ocean, while others are more like a small creek that runs through your backyard. Whether they be real or fictional, these stories all have one thing in common: They can be told through video. Interactive videos allow you to control what happens on screen with just the click of a button – making them perfect for storytelling! So what are some interactive video options out there? Let’s explore together.

Best Interactive Video Apps and Websites

Explain Everything

This is a great app for iOS and Android users alike. One of its main features is that you can simply write on your screen while recording – no need to pause and add notes later! Other features include the ability to insert photos, videos, and even web links if desired.

Easily create, edit, or animate graphics and documents! Share them with participants in real-time to explore lessons offline and collaborate on group projects! Explore chemistry concepts online and take notes while your didactix instructor is presenting her lesson—without ever having to leave our website! Send customized announcements from within Explain Everything by adding a personal message to parents when an assignment has been sent home for review, thanks for subscribing!


PlayPosit is a creative video creator that includes a variety of question types so teachers can freshen up the way they engage their students. Teachers have access to quizzes, matching games, fill-in-the blanks, stories for kids and more. It’s an easy solution for designing your lessons with questions or developing student-centered activities in class or at home.


Edpuzzle is an interactive video editor for teachers who want to create online content that engages students in a self-creative process. Students can learn how to remix videos by using the extensive curriculum available. The Edpuzzle classroom offers the opportunity for exploration, creativity, and collaboration all in one place!


I want to tell you about a really cool product, Vialogues. In interactive video lessons, Vialogues facilitates discussions between students and their instructors. What’s that mean? Well if the instructor says “let’s talk for 5 minutes” before/during/after a topic, then students have the chance to respond with depth and meaning to their questions or ideas instead of just passively listening. With this increased interaction in instructional videos – especially flipped or blended classrooms – learning is better!

Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D is an online tool available to anyone at its website, and like other software works by teaching kids how to draw and animate characters. Drawing and erasing tools included make it easy for little fingers; completing tasks earns stickers which can be collected in a quest book that unlocks new levels as kids become more skilled.

Kids discover different drawing possibilities about the art of animation there’s no limit on creativity when they use sound effects, backgrounds, camera shots camera mode controls with presets (top-down views), movement (flying or walking), facial expressions, signs, stickers you name it — plus customizable animations! All this fun comes with tutorials built right in so students don’t get frustrated.


Screencast-O-Matic is a phenomenal tool to make polished screencasts quickly and easily. Screencasting has been around for years but used mostly by big companies to show their clients what they can do using video demo’s from screencast software like Screencast-O-Matic in the business world.

And this is where Screencast fits in: it’s a versatile platform for recording anything on your computer screen, editing it with transitions and overlays, sharing easily across all major social media platforms or embedding into your own website or blog.

Shadow Puppet Edu

Shadow Puppet Edu is a free video slideshow maker that’s easy to use for elementary classrooms. It has many resources like flying animals, moving gears, and flowing water. The app runs on your iPad, so you have to keep privacy in mind about sharing it with classmates or having iPads out during lessons.

But if you want an easy-to-use, engaging tool that will allow you to customize graphics and sound quality of your slideshows without having to do any coding or engineering–then this is the product for you!

TouchCast Studio

Save time and get more creative in your digital lessons with TouchCast Studio, the easiest way to create dynamic video presentations. All you need is a YouTube account! Once you’re done making your video, just upload it into TouchCast Studio for full editing control or share it straight to YouTube. Save time and get more creative in your classroom today!

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