9 Best Tools That Build Real-World Writing Skills

The following list of 9 tools is for those who want to make their writing process easier and more efficient. These tools will help writers write better, faster and with less fear of judgement because they support the writing process. The tools are all-inclusive meaning you can use them for any type or style of writing that suits your needs or mood.

Best Tools That Build Real-World Writing Skills


A personalized word prompt generator that helps anyone create compelling content in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise. It provides prompts such as “What’s Your Story?” and “How Are You Feeling Today?.” Writers can also customize their own prompts to suit personal needs. For example, if you’re stuck on a certain topic, just enter it into Writeful and hit “Generate,” and you’ll get a new spin on your topic.

Writeful helps writers focus their energy on creativity and cutting down the time it takes to write while maintaining the quality of writing and content throughout. It’s ideal for bloggers, marketers, students, or anyone who wants help coming up with ideas.


The internet is a dangerous place. Personal information, privacy and security can be violated with little effort online. That’s why DIY was built: Design, Build and Share offline and online! With the world at their fingertips, your kids won’t need to leave home to learn about anything; there are countless lessons they can take part in without ever leaving the house.

Kids will find that most problems have an answer waiting inside or even outside of this toolkit for problem-solving. Algorithms explore thermodynamic principles, circuits teach more than just how electricity works, and more tools await use by inquisitive minds on everything from social justice to sustainable farming methods.


StoriumEdu is a collaborative storytelling card game that inspires purposeful and creative writing. Players can write their own stories, collaboratively build the story together, or incorporate different prompts depending on what type of writing they’re looking to seamlessly explore.

This versatile card game jives with personal narratives while also sparking creativity in the classroom for lessons across disciplines. Designed by educators for teachers, it helps teach everything from research skills to world-building strategies – all while strengthening communication!


Web annotation just got a major upgrade. Stop being pushed around by trolls, back problems, or finding that sweet spot on the image you want to annotate. Let Hypothes.is do all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on your work.

This browser extension easily allows users to create flagged sections of text – both words and websites URLs – which others can then annotate with feedback about what they see in their own window via an attractive dialogue box overlayed over the content in question!

Plus, there is no installing software or plug-ins necessary. Your web annotations will automatically update your social media networks like Facebook and Twitter if published (though remember not to post the copyrighted material).

Kialo Edu

Kialo Edu is the planet’s newest venue for troll-free discussions. It provides a space where educators can help their students learn to form robust arguments and then put them into digital format.

Students will get the satisfaction of changing the world while also learning basic digital citizenship skills like collaborating, listening to other people’s perspectives, understanding fairness, civility, and empathy—all without interrupting one another or getting distracted.

Harry Potter Reading Club

Welcome to the Harry Potter Reading Club! Surfing around this site is like getting a tour of Hogwarts. Everything from the Diagon Alley bookstore, quidditch links, and advice on reading the novel make you feel like you’re actually there with Hagrid.

The best part of all these “magic tricks” though has got to be the fact that this website charges absolutely nothing: not even if it’s after hours, not even for postage!

The Learning Network

The Learning Network is an interactive platform that connects current events to fun and engaging topics. With curated packages of activities for educators, parents, or anyone looking to bring some lively discussion into the classroom, the Economic Times brings you more content than your family can handle.

From understanding complex concepts through high-quality writing at a 7th-grade reading level to relatable issues like climate change in ecology class. We’ve got something for everyone on The Learning Network’s vast Menu of Activities!


Underlined is a new major publisher’s publishing platform. The great thing about this program is that it has the potential to be your only writing app, with everything you need to create and edit written content, share documents or collaborate on projects. It can also help you find people based on their tweets and articles written via the internet, along with connecting for groups of students in an online class.

There are some other useful features as well- you can see who owns different publications related to news or books, sort by time frame whether it’s Latest Posts or Past Month Tweets, view recent comments left on certain pieces of media moving towards blogs where they’re syndicated from other pages just by hovering over them.

Write the World

A world of imaginative and authentic writing! Write the World provides a global community to write, revise, think, and grow. With interest-based writing prompts and thoughtful feedback from peers and professionals, this is a great tool for in-depth stories written by young writers in their own voices.


The tools listed here make writing accessible and support the writing process. Additionally, this list is a great starting point if you’re still learning how to write and want to grow as a writer. All of these tools help with inspiration and motivation.

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