5 Best Tools for Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning has become a popular way to teach students. It is a hands-on way of letting students explore different subjects and content by doing, not just listening or reading. If you are interested in exploring this type of learning environment for your child, here are 5 tools you should know about!

Best Tools for Project-Based Learning


Zigazoo is a closed video-sharing platform that connects educators and students from all over the world. With Zigazoo, you can manage any kind of project with step-by-step digital interactivity, share it securely to get feedback from your peers on both sides of the screen or browse through hundreds of thousands of completed projects created by users just like you. Built for collaboration at every level, Zigazoo is an interactive tool for enhancing learning skills in grades K-12–inside and out!

Defined STEM

Defined STEM is an excellent selection of original, relevant, and project-based materials for teachers. This bundle includes over 100 high-interest graphic organizers on relevant STEM concepts like life science, physics, engineering design projects (simple machines; boundary; robots), written evaluation rubrics with scoring sheets to make grading easier on the teacher.

t will help you assess student understanding of the most important topics in school while also helping them develop critical thinking skills essential for success at all levels – Middle School through Post Graduate Studies.

Dreamdo Schools

If you find yourself sitting in a classroom day after day, stuck on that same blackboard with no vision beyond the walls of your physical building – or worse if you’re the one providing those tedious lessons – pick up where your instructor left off. Next time someone tells you to sit still, don’t! Instead, take these free online classes and experience what it’s like to break boundaries today.

Learn anywhere at any pace with project-based learning by Dreamdo Schools. High-quality degree equivalencies are given for resources including textbooks and chats so you’ll have everything you need to graduate from high school or college through our program. Share projects publicly or privately with people all over the world for feedback and conversation.


See your student’s learning progress in a whole new light with the Seesaw app! Seesaw is a versatile digital portfolio for teachers, students, and parents. Parents can see their child’s academic history from multiple perspectives by viewing work on a timeline or on a map of where they live and reveal how their school teaches children across grade levels.

Teachers can easily assess student performance over time as well as identify strengths and weaknesses. Students enjoy the opportunity to show their intellectual curiosity by exploring multiple subject areas anytime from anywhere—even when they’re away from campus!

PenPal Schools

PenPal Schools is a thinking-outside-of-the-box platform, bringing people and cultures together through the newest (and coolest) learning and teaching technique: pen pal projects. Imagine students making genuine connections with worldwide peers across subjects like math, science, or social studies. PenPals create opportunities that can’t be found in any textbook – just waiting for inquisitive kids to discover them!

Thí global pen pal program is your gateway to the world. Whether you’re an English teacher looking for engaging materials or a Spanish learner, our project sparks interest in global citizens and cultural multipliers alike.

With PenPal Schools, teachers can encourage students to embrace cross-cultural understanding on their own terms by becoming pen pals with someone they might otherwise never have met.


There are a lot of ways to learn outside of the traditional classroom. Project-based learning is a hands-on way of letting students explore different subjects and content by doing, not just listening or reading. Check out these 5 tools for project-based learning!

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