10 Best Tools for Making Videos and Animation for Students and Teachers

It’s increasingly easy to make a video or animation with all of the free and low-cost programs available on the market today. Video creation is a tried-and-true way for youngsters to get interested in creating, displaying, and sharing knowledge, whether it’s from stop-motion animation or brief films and mixes. These video and animation applications and sites provide simple, user-friendly tools and features that make it easier than ever for kids to produce, edit, and polish their films.

Here are some of our favorites, as well as some more advanced programs that you may want to consider!


Your videos are more than just hours of people clicking their mouse. They’re your way of telling people about what you’ve created. Screencast-o-Matic is the only screencasting tool that offers full functionality for both novices and experts alike, without breaking the bank. All with plenty of tools to make it enjoyable every step of the way! Your video will never suffer from poor quality again – so go on and wow your audience!

Screencast-O-Matic is for all you ambitious folks who are self-employed or working remotely. With this cutting-edge product, you can send clients the exact instructions to train them on their own computers. Make your training videos interactive by adding hotspots that offer tips and examples of how to do something specific.

Even better yet, Screencast-O-Matic has a slide deck option so that even if someone isn’t trained on the software they’ll be ready for any presentation with ease! Plus it’s super easy to share screencasts across different platforms.


WeVideo is an easy-to-use, cloud-based editing site. With two levels of tools and an intuitive interface, anyone can get creative with their video content. Whether it’s for school or just to share something with friends on Instagram, WeVideo makes it simple.

WeVideo was created for ease of use. With their interface, you can cut clips together and export them in beautiful HD without fumbling around. You can also add transitions or overlays with an onboard library that has free graphics to use so you never have to search for what you need. Encourage students to get creative by offering WeVideo for both Windows and Mac computers!


PlayPosit taps into the power of video to engage students with educational content. The software offers teachers the chance to customize visually interactive lessons for their classroom by combining core content with questions, polls, timelines, YouTube video embeds, and more.

PlayPosit gives you everything you need; it’s like your smart chalkboard but better – because now what’s on that board can be interactive! You can easily add your own content, image slides, videos, almost anything. Best of all? The super intuitive interface lets you do it in just a few clicks.

Green Screen by Do Ink

Green Screen is a simple, yet powerful tool to create great-looking videos even without ample equipment. This app can turn any environment into a video studio – your bedroom, outdoor pool party, classroom, backyard BBQ. With just two taps you are good to go! Create awesome videos with up to 3 photo or video layers that combine into one incredible final product.

Green Screen offers various effects for captivating stories: make easier background music selection among popular songs; distort the colors in order to achieve dramatic effect; adjust contrast and intensity of light; use green screen removal or transparency effects themed around movie scores like The Lord of the Rings series. All this coming together will make watching your videos an experience like no other!

Animaker Class

Animaker Class is a site that can be used for a number of things, including video creation, animated infographics and presentations. It’s been designed to make platform-agnostic media from start to finish with lots of variety.

Teachers will need to make their learning goals clear for students as there’s no way to do an objective assessment on user creations easily because the tools are available all year long and not just during short windows like school days.


Sometimes it’s easier for a student to make a video than read something in a textbook. Edpuzzle is interactive because students can remix content and get creative with the same tools they use online. It makes storytelling engaging, encourages critical thinking, and turns activities into learning games.


Flipgrid is an accessible, approachable tool. It offers connection, multiple means of expression, and creativity to apply to almost any topic.

Flipgrid is a tool that is accessible and straightforward, not to mention powerfully creative! With this digital platform, you can pose questions on any topic or spark thoughtful video responses from others. It’s an approachable way for people of all ages to connect with each other and share their creativity through videos.


Meet Loom, the solution you’ve been desperately searching for. Using this intuitive tool is effortless for any skill level. You can create easy screencasts with simple single-click options, present them with realistic animations – including hand gestures and facial expressions – and assess your work with attention to specific parts of their project.

No more making guesswork presentations or guessing if what was done was good enough!


Screencastify is a wonderful educational digital tool that allows teachers and instructors, of all levels, to be as hands-on as they want during the process of teaching. Take control by recording your screen or just use it as an instructional aid for giving instructions remotely. Utilize simple voice inputs to guide students through completing assignments online via Google Classroom lessons with Screencastify’s built-in mic input.

Screencastify has many different uses including:

  • Turning technology into a 3D environment for instruction using the option to cast on any number of smart screens.
  • Record lectures with ease thanks to 5 inch HDMI cable included in a package.
  • Make individual videos from websites or articles available for download laterally across various platforms such as Google Drive and Google Classroom.
  • Record tutorials or walk-throughs for students to watch offline on their own time.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark gives students the power to create clean graphics for any project, from a subtweet that will get your professor’s attention to a meme that could change history. It’s easy too: no need for expensive programs or skills in Photoshop. With Adobe Spark, you can tell a better story with just minutes of effort!

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