5 Best Timeline Creators and Templates

Timelines are a great way to show the progression of time, and they’re popular among social media marketers for their ability to help you create a timeline of events, activities, products, or basically anything you can think of. There are many timeline creators that you can use depending on the type of content that you’re trying to create. Students will learn about history via timelines and cause-and-effect connections when they explore and create them.

Best Timeline Creators and Templates

Let’s explore some of the best ones out there!


We’ve all read that story about the student who just won’t try. How frustrating! Don’t let your students become this frustrated with language arts anymore; help them become excellent readers and writers today by using ReadWriteThink.

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Prezi Next

Live up to your big ideas with Prezi Next – a multimedia presentation tool that helps you go beyond traditional slideshows by putting important content in the spotlight. With its zoom features, impressive templates, and high-resolution graphics, this new version of Prezi is sure to blow away charts for visual appeal. So what are you waiting for?


Sutori is a timeline-building tool for teachers and students to make timelines with photos, videos, sketch drawings, or text. You can tell the story of anything you want to share by embedding media onto Sutori’s cool storytelling timeline design. Thousands of people are using it in their classrooms.

Simply drag images, videos, or anything else to place them on Sutori’s timeline. You can pre-prepare slides for students to explore with interactive elements like quizzes, polls, and science experiments. Your timeline will automatically be saved as a PDF for teachers to print out. And if you edit your timelines later? All changes are preserved!


Tiki-Toki gives you the power to create interactive e-timelines that capture any chronological story. Whether it’s journalism, writing a memoir, or just making sense of all life’s hobbies, Tiki-Toki makes the connections more clear.

Tiki Timelines connect events visually, creating pathways for deeper analysis of any chronological story. Put on whatever hat you want! A new Tiki just wants to eat your fruit salad and chill with you all day. You can mix and match features to create an avatar that celebrates – or chronicles the devastations of – historical happenings in style… Actually, this is kind of hard so we hope you don’t do it!

RWT Timeline

The RWT Timeline can be used in a variety of ways. It makes it easy to create timelines by adding headlines and photos, add captions under each event or summary, and switch between views. You can even export your finished product as PowerPoint slideshows!

Almost every timeline has frequent events that happen over time: like the lifespan of a chameleon (birth till death), the First World War (Germany invades Belgium and France), or How I spent my Thanksgiving vacation (cleaning, cooking, eating).

The RWT Timeline lets you easily show how things change over time. This is useful for all students—from preschoolers making timelines about their pets to adult learners researching important events in history.


There are a variety of timeline creators that you can use depending on the type of content that you’re trying to create. Some popular ones include Tiki Timelines, ReadWriteThink, Prezi Next, Sutori, and RWT Timeline. With these tools, it’s easy to capture an event or activity over time with photos, videos, and text. Whether you’re an educator, marketer, or someone with a creative mind, it’s time to start telling your story!

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