8 Best Tech Tools for Formative Assessment

Formative assessment is a powerful way to help students learn and grow. But it can be hard to know how best to use formative assessments in your classroom, or even what tools are available for you.

We’ve compiled the top 10 tech tools for formative assessment that will make your life easier and more effective as an educator. These apps and programs will allow you to assess student learning, track progress over time, collect data on individual learners’ needs, and provide feedback on their work with just a few clicks of the mouse!

Top 8 Tech Tools for Formative Assessment


Edulastic provides two education-related software products, one with assessment tools for teachers and the other with test prep resources. The assessments help teachers track students’ progress on mastering standards by providing analytics in an easy-to-read format that’s customized to each student’s individual needs.

Teachers can then share this information easily with parents through Edulastic Chatter. And because Edulastic is aimed at supporting districts statewide, not just at a school level, they’re able to provide educational communities with the most current research studies done on their chosen topics without any of the misinformation or biases present when researching locally.


Nearpod is a great tool that will engage and assess your students with its interactive slides. The product’s accessible learning environment means the learning potential 1-to-1 settings are unlocked. Teachers can get valuable feedback through interactiveness, while at he same time building an engaging classroom experience.


PlayPosit is a video creator that provides a wide range of questions. PlayPositive offers a nice balance of showcasing the easy intro to interactive video mixed with the large set of features that can lead to sophisticated lesson design – allowing teachers, both new and seasoned professionals, to get creative in their lessons without breaking the bank on software upgrades or hiring out for outside help. Enjoy making your videos up-to-date, engaging, and budget friendly. PlayPositive helps you create social content playlists in real time – no more slapping together clips from previous days work!

With all these specially designed templates for different subject areas in mind along with special quizzing/assessment options for educators, it’s about time someone took advantage of this largely untapped market. This app’s target audience is mainly professionals with a few lessons for students, but will be great at home or in the classroom.


Edpuzzle is a customizable online video experience. Users can crop, customize and remix the videos you see on our platform with interactive resources. Tools like voice overs, comments, social media integrations and quizzes make Edpuzzle an excellent teaching resource as well as a terrific tool for what educators call “flipping” their classroom or student-led creation.


Flipgrid is a community of participatory video contributors who tell us what they think. With the gamification of honest feedback, you can pose questions to your class and get authentic responses that teach with kindness.

Constructive criticism shows you where the struggles are that everyone faces with each subject area or task, but FlipGrid also offers recognition for being student voice advocates in your community. Engaging with students on topics out of the classroom communicates not only academic success but overall well-being too.

With so many barriers to connection, FlipGrid creates an environment where you can see students as whole people instead of just academics by providing opportunities for them to express themselves creatively across all subjects and interests through video production challenges at any scale – from micro-tasks to national-level events.


LessonUp is the first education presentation tool that allows you to connect with kids through interactive media. With LessonUp, teachers can create lessons that involve video clips or website links, interactive quizzes and polls with instant feedback. The app has many tools built in to empower teachers both at school and home.


Spiral creates an engaging environment for both students and teachers. This multimedia assessment tool allows users to quickly collect high-level data by giving their classmates voice. Students can use this easy-to-use tool in order to provide instant feedback on the lessons, without having to speak up in lecture or be put into a writing assignment– instead, they can just collaborate and leave recordings that give all layers of school life opportunities for success!

Their intuitive interface makes it seamless to take these assessments quickly– even if you’re unwilling to share your thoughts with your peers verbally. Teachers will also love the aggregated data provided by Spiral’s lightening fast reports!

Pear Deck

Like a ride on the carousel, Pear Deck is interactive. It’s also informative because teachers are given easy slide tools for adjustments. Every spin around locates data that can inform instruction, so it’s no surprise this appealing platform has become popular among educators looking to ramp up engagement with formative assessment.

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