6 Best Student-Collaboration Tools

Collaboration is a powerful tool. It can make you smarter, better informed- even happier. And yet it’s often seen as something to avoid at all costs by students, teachers, and employers alike. Why are we so afraid of collaborating? Isn’t the point of school to learn from one another? Isn’t that what employers want too? The benefits of collaboration are well documented- but unfortunately, there’s also plenty of misinformation out there about how to do it right– or if it’s worth doing at all! Let us help dispel some myths here with this list of 6 great tools for successful student collaboration!

Best Student-Collaboration Tools

Drawp for School

Teachers just can’t count on the Internet to stay connected. Generally, it is really easy for students to get distracted online and lose focus. To solve this problem, Drawp was developed so students could work together in real-time by drawing on the whiteboard projected onto their tablets or smartphones.

Teachers save time sharing assignments by having student sketches appear immediately after they are signed off with a digital signature. The best part? You no longer have one person working alone — everyone’s ideas and innovations rise into the consciousness of your classroom – there’s more than one way to think about things.

Makers Empire

Makers Empire is a multifaceted design hub, with tools for 3D modeling, virtual reality headsets, augmented reality applications, motion capture systems, and more. It is the world’s first platform for doing these things in 3D space.

This software platform promotes innovation between students, professionals, and entrepreneurs all over the world by fostering collaboration with Makers Empire’s built-in community of STEM educators, projects creators, and makers.

Breakout EDU

Breakout EDU is designed to promote collaborative learning, provide fun-filled break time for students, boost math skills, and help schools save time with increased student engagement. Breakout EDU doesn’t require expensive technology or trains teachers on how to use digital tools in the classroom.

And because games are scalable to all grade levels, it hits a range of subjects from math to English language arts! Additionally, you can run an unlimited number of breakout sessions without any equipment or setup making this great for anyone short on space or funds.

So if your school is looking for engaging STEM content that doubles as recess entertainment contact us today about what Breakout has to offer!

Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft is a sandbox video game where players can explore, gather resources, craft tools, and survival equipment, protect themselves from dangers including mischievous creatures at night.

Minecraft: Education Edition helps teachers to supplement their classroom content by giving them the ability to create custom-made worlds to teach lessons or share with their whole school. Combining creativity with educational theory results in a scalable design that allows students of all ages and abilities as well as designers and modders to build empathy using block-based games.

This edition has been tailored for use in STEM education because it’s been designed for problem-solving based on exploration and experimentation throughout subjects such as literature, art history, mathematics, astronomy – almost anything!

Building projects give students experience; building this world promotes learning.


MURAL promotes collaboration and idea-sharing between students by turning the classroom into a collaborative environment where any motion causes images on the MURAL to change. When learners collaborate via the device, their contributions are simultaneously recorded in one workspace for all members of a team to see what everyone is working on at once.

Whether struggling with a math problem or debating the best solutions for the upcoming science fair project, MURAL provides a seamless way for peers can access each others’ work from anywhere in order to save time and learn from one another. A simple touch facilitates real-time sharing without major difficulties like dead batteries, lost gadgets, or internet glitches that prevent both instructors and students from having access when it really counts.

School Friendzy

Math assignments can be difficult to keep track of. Utilize this Math-specific life hack to stay organized and get an edge on the competition! Get ready for test day by filling out true/false questions in one column, concept problems in another, word problems in a third.

Your mess is solved because you know exactly what acronym matches any specific type of question. With School Friendzy’s Math app, it’s like each problem comes with its own tutor!


This article is about how collaboration can be a useful tool for students. Collaboration has been proven to help students learn and prepare themselves for the workplace. These tools will create a collaborative environment, let you find a partner quickly, give ideas creators on how their work can improve or solve problems of different natures from any place!

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