6 Best Online Math Graphing Tools

The following is a listing of the best online math graphing tools available. Students will be better able to grasp deep mathematical relationships once they master the skills in this lesson, whether they are learning to graph plane coordinates, manipulating variables in a simulation, or obtaining real-world scientific data.

PhET Interactive Simulations

PhET Interactive Simulations is a free suite of more than 100 high-quality, web-based science and math simulations. The software takes advantage of modern browsers to provide animations and fast animation control with no need for custom plug-ins or extra downloads.

From the basics of kinematics to online social networks, physics to infectious disease transmission, battleships to pendulums – this interactive material demonstrates real-world phenomena in a dynamic, engaging way that sparks creativity and promotes skepticism in young learners.


Imagine a sleek graphing calculator tucked inside an interactive, online simulation. In the span of one hour, teachers teach 500 students how to make connections between these two types of mathematical tools without any need for paper or hardware. Introducing Desmos: the most powerful web-based math tool ever made!

Desmos is the first and only online graphing calculator that makes math accessible on smartphones and tablets as well as our computers and laptops. Elegant design paired with breakthrough keypad settings reimagines math for modern learners by promoting collaboration – not just computation – in classrooms around the world. It’s even compatible with several so-called “gimmicky” screen devices!


GeoGebra is the top-rated and most widely used dynamic geometry software for Teachers. GeoGebra’s key features:

  • Verified Activities (Engaging and Fun) -Students can work on activities that have been checked by math educators to ensure they are engaging and fun. There are pre-made activities, so students can quickly start doing math, or teachers can create their own unique experiences to fit their classroom needs
  • Built-in Learning Support (Give Instructions) -Give instructions such as “open this window,” “press this button,” or “highlight these steps” with just a few clicks of your mouse. Capture screenshots, diagrams, models, and simulation results into richly detailed reports. Share them across all devices without additional installations.
  • GeoGebraTube – GeoGebraTube is a video platform where everyone can publish educational videos about mathematics and other Geometry topics. It is a central access point for learning and teaching, with an emphasis on dynamic geometry software. Here you will find new videos every day from users and experts who speak and write in all languages, and in a wide range of disciplines.


ClassCalc is the go-to, all-in-one calculator for today’s BYOD classrooms. ClassCalc lets teachers save time with its simple interface and powerful functions. Students learn to be more self-sufficient in their personal research projects, give presentations, or work on group math problems because they can rely on the ease of this free app.

The free app provides additional features like individualized layouts and user personas which facilitate distraction-free work whether or not internet access is available.

Likewise, transitions from Fractions to Decimals produce instant results without tedious button pressing and fraction arithmetic is accurate thanks to built-in rounding rules that save time for busy districts educators working day in day out across grade levels.

Tuva Labs

Tuva Labs augments subject-matter readiness for the digital age. The best explorers in the world start with Tuva. Explore megabytes of data, interactively process huge datasets, or use interactive analyses to find your personal truth like never before!

Serving students in K-12 and higher education across STEM fields, our mission is to empower all learners to meet their interest in scientific thinking by utilizing analytical procedures within culturally sensitive communities.

TI Math

This graphing calculator may not be the flashiest math practice out there, but it delivers a powerful punch. You can teach them about plotting points in coordinate geometry or save time by replacing all your pesky handwritten notes from pre-calculus.

TI Math is designed to help students learn these concepts fluently and with less frustration because of its straightforward lessons and easy navigation features. The best part? It’s never been easier to have a graph that’ll wow any teacher!

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