8 Best Online Chart Makers for Students and Teachers

Charting is an essential skill for students and teachers alike. It’s the most efficient way to organize, compare, or contrast data in any field of study. Creating your own charts can be enjoyable and creative and it doesn’t have to be difficult either! There are many online chart makers available for free that make it easy to create high-quality graphs, diagrams, and charts.

Tableau Public

A free desktop application that allows you to create interactive dashboards with your data. It’s easy to use and comes with pre-built visualizations that cover just about anything from traffic patterns to sales trends.

With Tableau Public, you can transform your data into powerful media. With features like interactive graphics, maps, sparklines, and animations on the web or on mobile devices – even CSV files are accepted by our web publishing tool – you can tell your story in beautiful new ways. Publish it anywhere with a URL to share with friends on Facebook!

Google Charts

The easiest way for web developers or anyone who doesn’t want to install anything on their computer, this offers a plethora of charts types including bar charts, pie charts, scatter plots, and many more.

For those who need something custom, you can also make your own chart by uploading images and specifying the dimensions.

Lucid Chart

Lucidchart is the fastest way to get to clarity. Whether you are brainstorming or trying to simplify a complex process, Lucidchart diagrams will help your team quickly visualize ideas and collaborate effectively while avoiding confusion.

With this free diagramming application, put “smart” back in your intelligent decisions while collaborating with colleagues on that next big idea today!

Microsoft Visio

Only available for Microsoft Office users, you can turn your company’s data into amazing flowcharts and diagrams with this powerful application.

Everything in Visio is easy to create, share, manage, and update. You can edit charts on-the-go with Visio Viewer for iPhone or Android using the same exact files you work with on your desktop.


Create and share charts and infographics. Charts can be shared directly to social media or downloaded into PowerPoint, Keynote, and PDF formats.

Venngage’s features are perfect for Google Drive users who want to create charts with more than five elements. Integrated seamlessly, Venngage works best when you add it on top of your existing account and load data from multiple sources at once!


Chartgo is a browser-based online chart maker that offers a variety of templates and features. It is great for creating charts with ease. With the ability to draw lines across columns, you can create simple line graphs that will make your report look like a masterpiece!

Just pick what data types and colors best suit how you want each bar or column in Chart goo’s tables; it also comes equipped with options that allow us more flexibility when designing our spreadsheet pages by allowing us greater control over font size/weight as well color schemes (even if they don’t seem like much). It has everything I need without having to deal with the bulky desktop publishing software most people use nowadays.

Zen Flow Chart

Simplify your life with Zen Flowchart, one of the best online flowchart makers. Whether you want to create a funny meme, an organizational process flow chart, or even a drawing for children- Zen is perfect for all graph-making formats!

Not only does it have lots of layouts to choose from but also has common symbols built-in so creating graphics has never been easier. 

You may establish a new node with a single click, or link separate nodes effectively with smart links.


Diagrams.net software lets you create diagrams to illustrate information in your documents and publications; its easy-to-use interface makes designing a diagram seamless and effortless!

With Diagrams.net, there is no need to draw each part of a diagram separately: all elements are drawn together on one canvas using the smart feature – no need to worry about drawing lines between them anymore!

With different types of arrows, it even makes complex diagrams simple! Simplifying the conversation is an integral component in collaborative work environments.

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