Best 2048 Puzzle Games for Android and iOS

Mobile games are becoming increasingly popular for various reasons. One of the most obvious is how they can be played on-the-go without connecting to a computer or console, and there’s also the convenience factor as mobile game developers have made it easy to download new games from an app store with just one click. A recent trend has seen people playing 2048 puzzle in their downtime which you may not know about!

4 Best 2048 Games on Android and iOS

2048 Original


Join the mass 2048 game and explore number puzzle games. Start with two tiles and merge them to reach a tile of 2048! It is the classic one from the creator, which you can enjoy offline without internet connection.

With a friendly, informative tone of voice that is welcoming for different age groups who want to learn more about this fun brain teaser game as well as other number puzzle games – it’s perfect for kids too!

Think broader than just playing against friends at school or your family members on your own phone: now there are challenges available online where you try to beat incognito players. Challenge yourself by trying these difficult games!

2048 by Gabriele Cirulli


2048 is a game which creates an addictive, challenging mobile experience. Tiles merge when played together and you reach higher levels as the player.

The simplicity of this game draws in all players who love to solve puzzles and test their brain’s skills. 2048 has recently exploded in popularity on both social media platforms and mobile devices across the world thanks to its high-quality design and simple gameplay. Playing it starts off easy, but be prepared for challengingly difficult levels soon enough!

Smooth gameplay makes this puzzle calm and comforting. The simple design is elegant, modernized, and professional. 2048 has an undo button so it’s not as intense as other games where you have to start from square one if you lose.

2048 by Ketchapp

Android | iOS

2048 is a puzzle game where you have to join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile. It’s inspired by Gabriele Cirulli game of the same name, but has an intuitive design that allows users to swipe to move all tiles at once on their mobile device instead of having each new or merged number be one item in a scrolling list. With increasingly difficult levels as you go up, this app offers hours of playtime!

Collide 2048

The best features of this game are that you can choose your own background image from any photo or picture stored on your device and also change the color scheme to suit your tastes. Also new to this app is multiplayer mode which allows players to play against each other at same time making this an excellent choice for those who want something fresh and different.

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