6 Best Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Apps

Mind-mapping is a powerful tool that’s used in many industries to come up with creative solutions for problems, create project plans, or document business processes. Here are some of the best tools for this purpose!

Best Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Apps


Pop movies, songs, ideas—whatever your heart desires. Popplet is a simple and intuitive tool that organizes your thoughts into attractive colorful mind maps to help you come up with the best idea. This program features brainstorming tools for collecting and organizing all of those creative ideas in one place so they’re easy enough for everyone in the family to edit or keep track of together.

It can be used by students when completing projects or for business owners who want an efficient way to brainstorm their next big endeavor. Now available in three different colors: blue, lime green, and a classy black,” this innovative drawing pad will make it possible to unleash that inner genius.”


Permissions are always granted in MURAL. Teachers can send their class pieces of completed worksheets for group interpretation, receive feedback on an early draft, and share upcoming projects to spur creativity across the board. The best part? MURAL’s natural whiteboard feel provides a refreshing environment that is fun for teachers and students alike!

Out-of-office collaboration never looked this cool. Split your screen with MURAL for lesson presentation or collaborate on assignments together from across town (or city) with this multitalented interactive board. With several function modes to choose from, there’s no telling how you’ll use it next!

Text 2 Mind Map

With Text 2 Mind Map, you can organize your thoughts in a creative and intuitive way by making connections between concepts. Note, though, that the tool doesn’t have any security features to protect against sharing with others.

You may feel confused trying to remember what concept is associated with which topic when using your phone’s notes app. Not only that but you have to scroll furiously back and forth from one note page to another. But now there’s Text 2 Mind Map! It will help keep all of those brain cells straight so be able to navigate better through each one -nothing slips past this flexible organization tool! 


Lucidchart is the perfect tool for students and teachers because it gives them all of the tools to create dynamic visuals that can be shared. Lucidchart features an intuitive editor to make the process easy, which means it’s simple to build amazing ideas with stunning graphics.

Finally, Lucidchart has got you covered if you’re collaborating on a project because it accepts Google Drive files quickly and easily for fast collaboration between classmates or co-workers.

Kidspiration Maps

Kidspiration Maps is a versatile and easy-to-use graphic organizer. Teachers can use it to take notes, plan lessons, record class discussions, and draw ideas. Kids can use it in every subject area (e.g., science experiments; narrative writing; solving math problems) for note-taking or drawing information visually. Maps the mind’s potential the way maps chart geographic paths.

Kidspiration is a powerful and flexible app that can help students plan lessons, create multimedia presentations, record their thoughts and ideas. The intuitive interface and ease of use make this app a good choice for younger students and even those with special needs.


FreeMind is a powerful mind-mapping application that runs on Java. There’s a long list of features (60+) to choose from including:

FreeMind is available for all major operating systems and follows the philosophy “release early, release often”. This makes FreeMind an ever-evolving project with new releases every few months.

Tips to Take the Advantages of Mind Mapping Apps

  • When you’re ready to edit, click the text or start point of your mind map. You can then select another node (or a different branch of a node) and enter a new thought. This continues until all nodes are complete.
  • Try adding keywords at the beginning of each topic to help others or yourself find certain thoughts easier.
  • For certain mind mapping apps, the user can select a different color for each topic. The colors chosen should be based on the theme of your map to keep things consistent!
  • Each app has its own set of export options so you can share to social media or other applications.

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