9 Best Kids’ Felt Craft Kits in 2022

Felt crafts are one of the best ways to get kids engaged in arts and crafts. They can be easily assembled, inexpensive, and often come with step-by-step instructions. Here’s a list of some of the best felt craft kits for childrenn.

9 Best Kids’ Felt Craft Kits

Melissa & Doug On the Go Felt Friends Craft Activity Set With 188 Felt Stickers

Melissa & Doug On the Go Felt Friends Craft Activity Set With 188 Felt Stickers
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Your kids can make friends of their own with this fun felt craft set. The Melissa & Doug On the Go Felt Friends Craft Activity Set has 188 stickers to use to keep your favorite little one entertained for hours!

They will have so much fun making new fuzzy friends that they’ll think each creation is just about the cutest thing ever.

This activity set is great for crafts on-the-go because it doesn’t require any messy glue, fabric, or snips of scissors! It includes 142 adorable felt shapes, 46 printed feature stickers which are perfect for earmuffs and ties, plus 4 scenes with pop up windows to color in.

Make 12 different animal friends including an otter, snow leopard, sloth fox, and more!

Pure Organic Ingredients Play Sand

Pure Organic Ingredients Play Sand
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Play Sand is an eco-friendly, organic product designed to turn any outdoor area into a wonderful play space. Available in several color combinations to suit your mood or the occasion, Play Sand is also an ideal resource for homemade school projects or art projects out of recycled materials. 

Bold colors are suitable for attracting little ones outdoors while pastel shades are perfect for beachside fun.

Grated and washed before shipping for ultimate quality, Play Sand can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings – it is great with water features, pools, playgrounds, gardens or home landscaping. It was specially designed by personal experience gained years ago when Randy Roberts found he needed something more appropriate than dusty wet wood chips to satisfy his son’s need for sandbox play.

This organic felt craft kit includes 100% natural cotton yarn and several different colors of eco-friendly recycled felt.

Play22 Whack A Frog Game

Play22 Whack A Frog Game
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Take advantage of the frog-pounding fun this summer with Play22 Whack A Frog Game! You can challenge your children’s dexterity and concentration in 38 different speed levels, test your skills when you play along with them too.

Double their chances of hitting the targets by teaming up with them in 2 high-octane modes that come complete with 6 lives to keep things exciting.

It really doesn’t matter what time of day it is when our splishy-splashy hammer game comes out to play – anyone looking for language enrichment only needs an internet connection, speakers or headphones, and a few clicks on YouTube because both English, Spanish or French words are spoken aloud every time they smack the frog dead. 

And who else thinks this is an excellent way to keep kids active while they learn something new?

CiyvoLyeen Woodland Animals Craft Kit

CiyvoLyeen Woodland Animals Craft Kit
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This is the ultimate set of 12 different woodland plush animals sewing patterns! It contains everything you need to create these adorable little plushies. You will love sewing these up and creating your own forest friends! As a beginner, a detailed, easy to follow instructions guarantee that you will create a lovely finished product.

The best part about this kit is that it’s perfect for beginners. If you have never sewed before, give this a try – we know you will love it as much as we do! You can make one or all twelve with ease using our simple step-by-step instructions.

With minimal adult supervision needed, even kids can enjoy crafting with their parents or on their own. And when they are done they get to keep what they made – how cool is that? We think everyone should have an opportunity to learn how fun and rewarding crafting can be so grab yours today!

Made By Me Make Your Own Unicorn Pillow

Made By Me Make Your Own Unicorn Pillow
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The Made By Me Make Your Own Unicorn Pillow is the perfect kids project that is easy to create and can be given as a gift for any occasion.

With the Pre-sewn Stuffed Bore (high quality & reversible customized with decorative rainbow border), colorable felt sheets, adhesive glitter stickers, 25 yarn tassels, this fun pillow kit will thrill your little one who wants to see their creative side flourish.

Melissa & Doug Created by Me! Horse Figurines Craft Kit

Melissa & Doug Created by Me! Horse Figurines Craft Kit
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It’s time to get creative with your party guests at this equestrian-themed event. Horse Figurines Craft Kit can be a perfect activity where children and adults alike will have a chance to paint their own figurine masterpiece.

The kit includes two pre-painted horses, six pots of paint in all sorts of colors, and a brush that is easy to clean up when your finished crafting. This high-quality craft only needs non-toxic paint for safe painting experience that kids will enjoy without any mess or fuss.

Melissa & Doug Lace and Trace Activity Set: 5 Wooden Panels and 5 Matching Laces – Farm

Lace and Trace Activity Set
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This set is perfect for playing games, practicing fine motor skills, following patterns, and strengthening eye-hand coordination. It’s designed to help develop hand-eye coordination and attention skills while also teaching important shapes.

The cutesy farm animal art on the board contains 5 sturdy double-sided lacing panels with color coordinated shoelaces. This would be ideal for any child who are looking for an interactive toy that will keep them busy!

jackinthebox Unicorn Gifts for Girls

jackinthebox Unicorn Gifts for Girls
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Every princess deserves a unicorn, and with six magic reasons to love Jackinthebox Unicorn Gifts for Girls you’ll find it hard not to kiss the frog.

Create/customize their own craft kit at home or on-the-go to unleash your multidisciplinary unicorn’s inner glitterfairy.

Can’t decide what project they should pick first? No worries! Be both mommy and creator to create everything from bag charms, sleep masks, headbands, wands, dreamcatchers, parfaits – there are so many fun crafts in this one box.

She may never want anything else thanks to our 6-in1 Funtasticity wonderland of side hustles where she can work her imagination muscles while being mindful of colors, shapes and fine motor skills.

LEGO DOTS Mermaid Vibes Bracelets

LEGO DOTS Mermaid Vibes Bracelets
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Immerse your child in the fun of making friendship bracelets with this limited-edition LEGO DOTS Mermaid Vibes Bracelets toy, featuring 2 adjustable band and 32 colorful tiles.

Kids can stretch their design and self-expression skills as they decorate and share the bracelets, following the included pattern ideas or coming up with their own, special look.

Tiles in this set or others are great for creativity as part of shared fun with friends; any fan of DIY or arts and crafts will love this creative kit.

Factors to Consder Before Buying Kids’ Felt Craft Kits

Before buying a felt crafts kit for kids, you should consider the following factors:

Age appropriateness

The age appropriateness of the felt crafts kit is also essential to consider. Some felt crafts kits for kids are appropriate for younger children, while others involve more complicated assembly instructions and may have small parts which might be better suited to older children.

Assembly instructions

If you’re looking for felt crafts kits that have simple assembly instructions, this is a great place to start.

They have step-by-step instructions with pictures and include all the materials needed for assembling the project.

Materials included in kit

Materials are an important factor when selecting felt crafts kits for kids. Some felt crafts kits include everything you need, while others require that you purchase additional items.

The kit should include everything you need to create the craft. What’s included in the kit can vary, but typically it includes sheets of felt material in different colors, scissors, glue or tacky glue, stuffing, and cardboard shapes with patterns to trace.

Novelty versus educational value

While many felt crafts kits are designed for general entertainment value, there are also some kits which provide children with a learning opportunity.

These felt crafts kits might be more appropriate for older children or help teach them about colors or basic shapes.

Complexity of projects

The complexity of a project is also a key consideration when selecting a felt crafts kit for kids. Some felt crafts kits include projects with many parts and steps, while others provide simpler projects.

If you’re looking for projects that will take some time to complete, this is a good place to start as these kits include more complex projects that require more attention to detail.

Kits with simpler projects may be better-suited for younger children or those who are just starting out on their crafting journey.

Space required for assembly and storage

Space is also an important consideration when purchasing felt crafts kits for kids.

Some felt crafts kits require a lot of space, while others only need a small area. For example, some felt crafts kits may involve cutting out individual shapes or using detailed patterns to trace shapes on sheets of felt material.

These types of crafts often require ample space in which to make them. Other felt crafts kits might require less space but still include smaller parts such as buttons, sequins, and other embellishments.

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