Best Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids

Why should kids have all the fun? Adults can enjoy puzzling too, and there are many benefits to solving a jigsaw puzzle. We’ve put together this list of the best puzzles for adults that we could find. These puzzles come in a range of difficulty levels so you can choose one that fits your needs.

Puzzles are a great way to encourage problem-solving skills. It’s an interactive activity that gives kids the opportunity to use their hands and minds together, all while having fun! Puzzles improve motor skills as well as cognitive abilities like attention span and memory retention. Plus they’re just plain cool – who doesn’t love putting a puzzle together?

Solving jigsaw puzzles can help kids develop a sense of accomplishment. Even if they are not able to complete the puzzle, they can learn from their mistakes and try again. Kids will also start developing more patience as it takes time to solve these puzzles and that’s something we could all use more of!

A lot of adults like doing jigsaw puzzles too! Doing them with kids is a great way for parents or grandparents to spend quality time together with their favorite little person while building memories in the process. Plus there are so many benefits – see above – that come along with solving a jigsaw puzzle.

Best Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids

Map of the United States of America Puzzle

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This map of the United States of America Puzzle is perfect for kids looking to start learning US geography! With 70 pieces and double-sided illustrations, this puzzle can be built into a 23” x 16.5” work of art. You’ll love naming each state by name, capital city, shape, location or even its nickname from these cleverly crafted little pieces shaped like the states they represent on your quest to become an expert in US history. The finished product will fit neatly in the storage box that shows off the finished artwork beautifully with plenty of room left over for enjoying years worth more maps puzzles in your home!

Make the perfect housewarming, birthday, or holiday gift for kids on your list this year! The USA map puzzle combines colorful artwork and a sturdily designed storage box that doubles as a completed puzzle. Puzzles are great for building spatial intelligence and problem solving skills while puzzling for fun!

Preschool Educational Puzzle

If you’re looking for a fun activity that combines a personalized, quality experience for your preschooler with an educationally valuable puzzle toy that will keep them entertained the whole time, then look no further than our high-quality and low-maintenance wooden blocks.

Designed specifically to target young toddlers between 3 and 8 years old, this collection of 24 blocks is perfect for testing their concentration skills through the layout of different pictures or patterns in easy to reach squares. Tested extensively by our company’s team of experts and made from materials approved by multiple leading organizations worldwide (e.g., Society of Toxicology), these wood pieces are interlocking friendly so they won’t hurt your child’s delicate fingers when tearing off the label on them.

Disney Princess

Ever wished your kid would stop watching those Disney movies? And then of course, they don’t. These puzzles will be sure to keep them entertained for some time. If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you have Elsa’s song “Let It Go” stuck in your head forever… now it’ll be frozen in the puzzle pieces!

Leading ladies like Belle, Snow White and Cinderella shine in this jigsaw puzzle of 60 colorful hearts with glitter accents. Finished size is 24” x 18” and every colored piece is uniquely cut to show off the best features.

This is a beautiful and magical puzzle for all ages with a sparkly design. Be the first to complete this enchanted puzzle or join in on the fun and figure out how 60 interconnected pieces can fit together so well!

Under the Sea Ocean Animals

It’s a tradition that every child knows well: the satisfying sound of fitting puzzle pieces together. Melissa & Doug have designed these ocean life-themed puzzles with 24 sturdy wooden jigsaw pieces, each decorated intricately with beautiful on Neptune’s creatures (including crabs, starfish, seahorses, and more).

Children are invited to use their hands or fingers to place all the puzzle pieces in order before setting it up to display a lively underwater scene. It also comes with a transformation tray made from durable materials so they can separate and store the sea life for next time as well!

4 Pack Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Bright and colorful puzzles for toddlers are a great way to spend family time at home. These wooden jigsaw puzzles provide hours of interactive fun for kids, while training their brains!

The four pack includes 1 puzzle of farm animals, 1 puzzle for planet insects, 1 puzzle made from sky animals and mammals (birds and mammals), and the 4th is all about bugs. With 100 pieces in each, 60 in total per set – your toddler will be entertained by these bright colors while learning how to count up to 12 as they complete each one!

And if you’re looking for an extra special present, these toys are perfect too! They’ll go down a storm with any child who loves animals and exploring new things.

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