10+ Best Hobbies for Gamers

It’s hard to find hobbies outside of video games. But there are plenty of other things you can do, like reading, drawing, board games, card games, origami puzzles and Lego! You can also collect comic books or try out coding. Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to know.


This is a pretty popular hobby among gamers and anime enthusiasts alike . All you need is a Netflix account (or any other streaming service) and time to sit down and enjoy! For beginners, it might be easier to just watch the classics like Death Note, Sailor Moon or Spirited Away.

These are all short enough that you can easily finish them in a weekend if you have the time. And don’t worry about feeling completely lost – there’s always fan content on Youtube or niche forums filled with people who want to talk about anime and manga 24/7.


If you want a new book series, go to your local library and check out a whole bunch of books in various genres, like Fantasy or Science Fiction! If reading isn’t really for you, try going to the bookstore and buying some magazines that peak your interest. You can also get into comics!

There are plenty of comic subscription boxes that send an assortment every month. Maybe even take up Manga if it sounds appealing. Many manga readers convert their favorites into digital formats so they don’t have to carry around heavy books everywhere they go.


Drawing is a great way to express yourself through pictures! Don’t be shy about picking up a pencil – give drawing from a reference a try or just start doodling on a sheet of blank paper.

You can get into comic drawing, character design and even storyboarding! Whatever you choose to draw, there’s a community of artists who would be happy to give advice on your work.

Board Games

There are so many different types of board games out there that it is impossible to list them all here! If you’re looking for something easy and fun , try playing Scrabble against yourself in one window and another friend in another window over text message.

It only gets more complex from there: some people like Monopoly, Risk or Catan. Board games bring friends together through laughter and friendly competition – what better way to spend your time?

Card Games

You can still play your favorite trading card games without a table full of friends. Try a digital version, just log in from either from your phone or from your computer and start playing against people online!

Many websites have their own version of the popular Magic: The Gathering where you can battle it out with other people, or take on dungeons with your best cards.

Comic Collecting

Short for comic book collecting, this is a hobby that many video game enthusiasts partake in. Comic books are easily available at any pawn shop, news stand or garage sale – all you need to do is look for them!

Read up on how to buy comics as an investment . It’s easy to get into since there are tons of genres to choose from – you can find something that is right for you.


If board games were too slow and Scrabble was either too boring or frustrating, try darts ! They’re a great way to get social with friends and family without getting too rambunctious.

You can share a pitcher of beer while you play – just remember not to throw the dart when it’s your turn! Darts is also an easy hobby to pick up since most bars have darts in them. If not, you can always invest in your own set and keep it at home.


If reading and drawing were too slow for your taste, why not give coding a try? There are many different languages and tools out there for you to learn from: Python, Java, Lua or even HTML / CSS.

All of these will make it easy for you to create websites and applications – but please remember not to plagiarize other people’s work! Many people do not appreciate copying so respect the time and effort that went into making these programs.


Many video game enthusiasts were most likely raised on video games like Dune II, Star Craft or Command & Conquer. These games all take place in space with futuristic technology like lasers and airplanes – but what if you could see these technologies in real life?

Astronomy is an amazing hobby where you can learn about stars, planets and galaxies up close! There are plenty of telescopes available to buy online with different lens sizes for whatever your needs may be. Even better, many observatories offer open house days where they’ll let you explore their telescopes up close under the guidance of skilled astronomers.

Magic If the idea of throwing darts doesn’t seem exciting enough, maybe you should try magic! There are many different types of popular magic tricks like card tricks, coin tricks and even spooky illusions.

All you need to do is buy a few amazing cards or other props and learn the secret behind each trick by watching videos online. You can also find tutorials about how to pull off these eye-popping effects yourself.


Short for ballroom dancing, this hobby might sound too difficult to be fun at first – but it’s not as hard as you think. The best thing about taking up dance is that there are many genres out there that are fun no matter what your tastes are!

For example, if pop music isn’t really your thing then check out some waltz tunes instead. Even if you’re not a dancer, it’s still fun to go see a live show of skilled dancers. Just don’t wear heels – unless you want a nasty fall!


Looking for something more intense? Take up running and burn off some calories while having fun outdoors. It might be boring at first but once your body starts getting fit, this is an easy way to stay healthy without going on too many strict diets or hitting the gym every week.

You can also get into jogging with friends if you’re looking for even more motivation to keep going! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and try some new hobbies today!


There are many hobbies out there that gamers will enjoy – everything from comic collecting to coding can be fun and rewarding. If you want to stay healthy, try going for a run or learning some dance moves! Whatever you decide to do, have fun exploring the world around you.

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