Best Free Word Games for iPhone

Word games are a great way to keep the mind sharp and have fun with friends or family. The iPhone is one of the most popular devices on the market, so it’s no surprise that there are lots of word games available for download in the App Store. Here are five of our favorite free Word Games for iPhone!

5 Best Free Word Games for iPhone

Alphabear: Words Across Time 

Alphabear 2 is the sequel to our successful Alphabear, and is an English word puzzle game that challenges your brain. With more than three million words, get creative in spelling you letter combinations with this challenging and exciting game!

In Alphabear II, you spell words by selecting letters on a puzzle grid. When you use letters that are adjacent to each other, bears appear! The more letters you use in spelling words, the bigger the bear gets and the more points you earn. Spelling cleverly is key to success!


Typeshift is the premier word game that will disrupt your brain in creative and clever ways. This fresh take on anagram puzzles has been designed for a modern audience, with mobile-first design inspirations at its very core.

Typeshift is a modern anagram puzzle game that combines wordplay, modern game design, and a mobile-first approach. Solve word combinations through different levels ranging from 3 to 5 words scrambled up together with each turn of the puzzle. The goal is simply to use all letters in the puzzle once – but there’s many paths!

Special Clue Puzzles keep it engaging by adding intriguing clues that you need to think about as opposed to just trying different combinations out until you find one (though this option does exist).

Play solo or against friends anywhere! When we go hand-in-hand with intelligent play, truly fun experiences.


Letterpress is a word-based board game. You can play against a human or an AI, with one player taking turns spelling words to capture the other’s board. The player with more points in their captured territory at the end of the game wins!

Unless they tie, in which case you’ll have to battle it out for victory using fists or calculating where your next letters need to go on the grid—or something else again. Endless hours of suspenseful and fun gameplay await with Letterpress!

Words With Friends 2

Words With Friends 2 is the perfect word game for those who love a challenge. It features various levels to play, including easy and expert mode. Unscramble letters, train your brain, and indulge in a plethora of word games and puzzles with Rewards Pass! Climb the rewards track as you collect exclusive rewards with each new theme that’s released every six weeks!

Play your best words to complete daily, weekend, and weekly goals to earn keys and unlock exclusive collectible rewards with Rewards Pass. With a new theme every 6 weeks, there are always something new and exciting for you to play with on WORDS WITH FRIENDS™ 2! Train your brain by unscrambling letters- indulge in a plethora of unique puzzles- even show off your spelling bee skills as you search for the highest scoring word in this beloved classic free word game like never before!


Antitype is the game that’s both simple and challenging. With a clue and your knowledge of the alphabet, you’ll change opposing letters to decipher each odd word pair.

The 400 free levels available range from simple to extremely difficult while Synonym & Homophone level packs with 400 additional levels offers even more puzzles for you to solve!

If that’s not enough, 100 ultra-challenging antonym levels in the new Antonyms X level pack will surely excite puzzle fans! By purchasing individual or bundle packs of levels, players can save on content they like best – and unlock the game with Unlimited Passes so they never have another reason to play without any hints if they’ve been stuck too long.

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