Best Free Puzzle Games for iPhone

The best free puzzle games for iPhone are on this list! We love puzzles and we love trying to find the perfect balance between challenging and not too hard. Puzzles can be very relaxing but they can also help us get our brains working in a different way than what they are used to. This is why it’s important that we have an assortment of puzzles, some easy and some more difficult. These types of games are great for all ages as well because there is something for everyone! So take a look at these awesome apps below if you’re looking for a new game to play with your friends or just by yourself! 

6 Best Free Puzzle Games for iPhone


Aggretsuko is a match-three puzzle game based on the popular series. This game will have you matching three blocks at a time to solve puzzles and get your favorite character where they need to go. Play as these adorable animal friends in an arcade style world with puzzles that are made for you!

Aggretsuko is the proud story of Retsuko, a red panda who can’t help but let out all their anger by singing death metal at karaoke every night.

This Netflix-original series is about finding that spark in one’s boring life and making it be worth screaming over!

Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Bubble 3 Saga is an award-winning bubble shooter game where players work with Stella the Witch to enchant their way through hundreds of challenging levels. They’ll need cunning, determination and a bit of luck while matching colorful bubbles in puzzle-filled adventures.

This magical quest will take them into the sky, under water and even off the page! Matching at least three bubbles might earn points but for bigger scores it’s best to brush those bubbles away by forming clusters of five or more colors.

Six Match

Six Match is a level-based match 3 puzzle game with an exciting gameplay twist: ‘6 turns or less’. You take on the role of Mr Swap-With-Coins, and attempt to make 6 matches in 6 seconds.

This task becomes infinitely more complicated when you factor in that new mechanics come into play each level with coins dropping from the sky at a constant pace.

As you progress through the levels, difficult obstacles will be introduced such as coin cages and skulls that will need to be destroyed for bonus points using skillful matched line combos and bombs. Progressing throughout your quest unlocks various rewards to top it off!

Alpha Omega

No more boredom. You’ve got Alpha Omega. In this game, you’re given a word that has an incomplete crossword puzzle in front of you. Scrambled letters have already been provided, and the first letter of one word becomes the last letter for another word – if you know which words fit in between them! But don’t just accept these as they are;

Piece together your own names to create clues that lead from Word A to Word B. Your only hint is revealed when it leaves captivating puzzles on your screen while playing soundtracks with each level pack! Never be bored again with 2,500 levels at your disposal – or jump right into new ones every update for no additional cost!


ULTRAFLOW 2 is the perfect amount of lighthearted, with an intelligent twist for anyone and everyone.

All of your favorite modes have made their way into this serene and minimalist arcade puzzle game which combines all the fun of a mini-golf course with the gameplay of air-hockey.

The rules are simple: just fling your ball in order to get it on top of the goal! That’s it, there is no timer, you will not lose or win points for anything other than how well you can handle that little black ball. 

High Rise

This is the perfect game to help you escape. From stressful days at work, your hectic schedule and commitments, or even just when you need a moment of zen.

Watch colourful cubes expand into a towering cityscape as you reconstruct it with simple taps of your finger and easy gestures on your phone screen. Leave this stress behind and find yourself lost in High Rise’s relaxing soundtrack and bright visuals.

High Rise is a relaxed puzzle experience for players of all ages, shapes and sizes. Relax into the calming energy of this match three game where your 3D cityscape will grow taller with every block you match.

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