7 Best Domino & Tile Games in 2022

Dominoes are a classic game. It has been around for centuries, and it is still popular today. There are many variations on the standard domino game that you can play with friends or family members of all ages! Here are 7 games that you should definitely try out if you want to have fun while playing dominoes.

Tile games have been around for a lot less time than dominoes, but they have been really popular over the last few decades. Tile games are a way to play dominoes that is simplified in that you don’t need a board or spinner. In some ways, tile games are more difficult because you’ll need to do all the counting yourself.

Dominoes and tile games offer a great way to spend time with friends and family members while having fun.

These two types of games offer a lot of benefits:

  • They can be played with both children and adults.
  • They are great for all ages because they don’t need any equipment or preparation, making them easy to play anytime you want.
  • Players of many different skill levels can enjoy these games together!

7 Best Domino & Tile Games

Rummikub by Pressman

Rummikub by Pressman - Classic Edition - The Original Rummy Tile Game
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The classic game of Rummikub is back and better than ever.

Reinforces STEM skills like sequencing, pattern recognition and planning. This fast-paced, easy gameplay is ideal for different aged people to play together in the same room face-to-face.

There are 55 million units sold, so let’s take a chance at this all time classic!

Mexican Train Dominoes Game in Aluminum Carry Case

Mexican Train Dominoes Game in Aluminum Carry Case
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Mexican Train Dominoes is a fun game for the entire family! We all put our heads together and created an aluminum case so you can play on-the-go. The sturdy case has everything you need to start playing right away.

Mexican Train Dominoes will help teach children about matching, counting, and even helps with math! Plus, nobody will ever get bored because there are more than 500 ways to play this simple game.

Play with your friends around the table or take it on vacation – what would happen if both teams arrived at the end of the line before time runs out? You’ll never know until you try Mexican Train Dominoes for yourself!


Bananagrams: Multi-Award-Winning Word Game
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Bananagrams are an exciting, educational party game for families and friends. This fun word building game was staple in classrooms across Canada for decades and now has been made more suitable to play with family or friends of all ages.

Bananagrams comes in the shape of a banana so it is easy to take on trips giving kids something educational and entertaining that they won’t stop playing with.

Rummikub Six Player Edition

Rummikub Six Player Edition - The Classic Rummy Tile Game - More Tiles and More Players for More Fun! by Pressman
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The Six Player Edition of Rummikub is a true party game that can be played by 2-6 players. Unlike other games which chip away at your patience and stamina, this one’s easy to learn and packed with strategy.

Players take turns placing numbered tiles in runs and groups rummy style. With more racks and numbers included, the Six Player Edition provides plenty of fun for friends or family large or small.

This package includes more racks and numbers so you’re able to accommodate an extra four people who come over after work at 6 pm when they find out their favorite game is being played here.

Double Nine Dominoes Set in Storage Tin

Double Nine Dominoes Set in Storage Tin
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Whether you’ve just started learning how to play dominoes, or are a seasoned pro, everyone will love this classic game. With bright color-dot dominoes, the Double Nine set makes it easier for children and people with vision issues to see their pieces so they can match them up quickly.

The Double Nine Set features instructions on different ways to play the game, including easy beginner games perfect for kids and experts alike.

You’ll also save time and space by storing all your pieces in the durable storage tin—a clever idea that anyone would appreciate. So whether you’re learning new skills or teaching old classics, order today.

Jenga Game Wooden Blocks Stacking Tumbling Tower

Jenga Game Wooden Blocks Stacking Tumbling Tower Kids Game Ages 6 and Up (Amazon Exclusive)
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Jenga is a well-known, traditional game for one or more players. The classic wood blocks come in a tube-shaped package with handles on the short sides. Pull out some blocks and stack them on top of each other without letting the tower fall; it’s that simple!

This game offers hours of entertainment while promoting creativity, intuitive understanding of physics, and strategy. No friends around? Jenga can be played solo using your newfound stacking skills to try building the tower all on your own!

It’s time to go nuts over this new version for an old favorite. With 54 slim shaped blocks stacked neatly in an easy “put away” tube-shaped box (with handles!) , everyone will want to take hom ae block or two. There are three levels of play from easy to expert, so the younger players can get in on this action too!

Pressman Tri-Ominos 

Pressman Tri-Ominos - Deluxe Edition Triangular Tiles with Brass Spinners
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Have you been looking for a new family game that will provide hours of entertainment to the whole family? Look no further because this classic domino game has enough to keep everyone entertained.

The triangular tiles are easy to grip and can be played on any flat surface, including tables, car trays, play mats, or even the floor! With its multiple features (bridges and hexagons), your child is sure to spend many hours mastering the newest addition in their game collection.

This vintage-style board game comes with everything needed for two or more players; four racks plaited out of durable plastic stand tall atop our beautifully designed brass spinners plated with shiny chrome. One set includes 56 deluxe crystal spotless dominoes which offer up hours of fun for all players!

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