9 Best Arts Education Apps and Websites (Music & Drawing)

The internet has been a great resource for those who are looking to find out more about improving their craft as well as learning new skills. Students who study art can benefit from visual arts education by being able to express themselves effectively, whether inside or outside of the classroom. So it is not surprising that with the popularity of digital technology, arts education apps and websites have become very popular with art students.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 9 apps and websites that can be used to make your education even better!

Best Arts Education Apps and Websites

The following is a list of the best arts education apps and websites:


Explore a new frontier of musical creativity with Bandimal, the captivating music creation app for young musicians. Designed with a child-friendly interface and functionality, this application is a must have for schools who want to introduce children to electronic music in their preschool or kindergarten classroom.

Students will use touch screen gestures to play expressive instruments on the band’s animal head – from sloths playing bassoon to owls blowing on saxophone. Children then add effects by tapping adjustments such as distortion and delay on the animals’ heads then rearrange their compositions using drag-and-drop tools that can shorten or lengthen notes.

Once ready, kids can save their song title and preview what they’ve done before sharing it digitally through email, tweet, Facebook post etc!

Piano Maestro by JoyTunes

Piano students of any skill level—particularly young ones!—are looking for the best way to practice piano. Piano Maestro is a free app that lets you keep track of repertoire, recordings, and practices in one place to make your lessons highly interactive.

Never again will you lose an assigned piece because it lost its spot on your sheet; these tools are designed with homework time in mind! But this isn’t just another app; Piano Maestro includes great sharing functions for parents and teachers alike which means less work for parents like yourself who want to oversee their child’s progress but also let them know how they’re doing (it’s easy). Look out; getting addicted might be unavoidable.


Yousician is a cutting-edge app for kids aged 8-18 to learn music. It uses gamification and feedback, which motivates kids and makes learning fun. Designed with education professionals for one of our most variable audiences today – kids – Yousician drives engagement by highlighting progress and rewards tangible outcomes such as completing specific tasks or advancing through different levels in the game.


The WURRLYedu music program combines popular music and a standards-based curriculum to provide educators with a modern alternative to traditional, dusty instruments for the children.

This inexpensive option is also easy on space, which is advantageous in both limited elementary school classrooms as well as at homes with multiple children.


Need to improve that song? Ever want someone to play it back for you over the phone? Then Noteflight is your game. Collaborate with other musicians, share music scores and refreshers, and easily communicate how difficult a given melody is! No sheet music required – everything’s online!

Investing in a digital music composition tool for your school is a great investment, and noteflight has everything teachers need to make the most of their valuable time.

Teachers can collaborate with any number of students on classroom projects while retaining total control over who sees what – no more difficult decisions about group dynamics to make!


Anchor is one of the more accessible steps into podcasting – it lets you upload episodes right to your phone or computer, with no need for separate equipment subscriptions.

All you have to do is talk into the app on your smartphone and hit play, then Anchor does its magic by stitching together voices from different people in a show seamlessly.

Plus, publishing podcasts automatically post them on multiple platforms so listeners will be able to find your content no matter where they are looking!

Auxy Studio – Music & Beat Maker

Auxy Studio is a super handy tool for building stellar loops to make your own beats and tracks. It’s perfect for the novice; the interface features an “inexperienced mode” that will walk you through layering different sound clips on top of one another, or just dragging them into empty space to automatically choose melodic patterns based on how they work together.

To switch back to the seasoned pro model, just swipe down from the top edge of your screen to reveal auxiliary tools like volume control, trimming audio clips in real-time, and spotting your cursor so it quickly snaps back onto what you want later.


Be the life of your next party with Flat! Whether you used to be a garage band all star or more on the recital side, this app is perfect for creating and sharing new music. Music moves us through different moods, so why not use it to help you get stuff done? Switch back and forth between work mode and fun mode whenever necessary.

Google CS First

Google’s CS First curriculum is designed for middle-school students in the STEM field. An introductory, fun course with creative options to suit each student’s style and interests, the Google CS First program lets kids explore computer science in a range of ways – in their classrooms or at home, individual or collaborative projects.


Art education is important for everyone. The internet has been a great resource to learn new things and improve old ones. Check out the best apps/websites that are out there, no matter what your age or skill level!

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