9 Best Apps and Websites for Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips are becoming more and more popular among students. Apps like Google Earth allow you to explore the world in 3D, while websites like National Geographic Kids offer interactive articles, videos, maps, and quizzes that teach about animals, geography, or history. This article will introduce some of the best apps and websites for virtual field trips!

Best Tools to Send Your Students to Virtual Field Trips

Google Earth VR

Long before cars were able to navigate the world, air travel was the only way to get around. With Google Earth VR, you can feel like you’re actually in places all over the globe with just an HTC Vive and your computer.

Explore iconic destinations like The Taj Mahal or Stonehenge, marvel at photos taken from space during Zero-G Aerial Photography missions, fly along an active volcano’s eruption path – anything is possible in a 360 degree virtual reality environment with Google Earth VR! 


Bring the classroom to life with Nearpod! Students and teachers will love using this innovative technology that is transforming the way educators reach more students, keep them engaged, and assess their knowledge. It’s easier than ever for schools of all sizes to use digital content in a personalized way.

Apollo 11 VR

The Apollo 11 VR makes it possible to experience the moon landing as if you were one of the three astronauts who walked on the moon for over two hours and 24 minutes. The simulation stars virtual versions of Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, and Neil Armstrong and is compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive among other devices.


Roundme is a virtual tour library and creation site that showcases the beauty of cities from all over the world. Whether you’re looking for an inspirational seminar location, or to brighten your office with some new scenery, these vibrant 3D experiences will help you find everything there is to love about traveling without ever leaving home!


Listenwise has stories to provide your students with sources of reliable information that can be applied to class discussions. Join Listenwise each week for compelling, creative, and relatable perspectives developed just for classroom listening!

You thought you were going to have a dull lesson. Maybe discuss the parts of a flower, learn about presidential election campaigns – boring stuff. But your students will be asking questions and listening with rapt attention while they listen to fascinating stories on public radio from all over the world on just about every topic imaginable.

Asian Art Museum

The Asian Art Museum in downtown San Francisco is a true treasure trove for travelers and residents. Home to the Berkeley Asian Pacific Film Festival, it also presents expansive collections of art from China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea and more.

With inventive lessons and activities that integrate Asia’s history including artifacts such as imperial Qing dynasty robes and musical instruments such as miniature Vietnamese court harps called dan tranh, visitors can explore this intellectually stimulating destination at their leisure.

National Geographic Education

Discover the world with National Geographic Education, the top site for geography research in classrooms across multiple disciplines. With more than 30,000 multimedia resources on our site covering geography and cultures around the world to satisfy any geographic learning need, you’ll be able to find everything your students need for studies of physical environments, human products, or systems of man-made structures.

Engage kids with geo-interactive games that allow them to experiment with map projections while they’re having fun!

National Archives

Most kids love to learn about history. They may not be able to go into a library or museum, but now they can reach into the National Archive and access U.S. history within a few clicks of their mouse! Organized by time periods with pictures and descriptions for each document, NARA’s website is perfect for teaching small children about American history from hundreds of years ago through today – all from the comfort of your own home.

The National Archives features treasure trove resources ranging from genealogy records to digitized images of old documents, giving kids an opportunity they never had before: explore our country’s past at their fingertips without ever having leave school or their playroom.

Learn Around the World

Have you ever wanted to travel the world but with your typical commitments at home? Or studied World Cultures for an exam and now want be able to visit it firsthand, without all the time constraints?

Learn around the World is here to make your dreams come true. We’ve created something so unique that people from near and far have been asking us about it. With a live virtual field trip experience, we will take you on a world tour – wherever you are. Whether taking a lesson about swarming bees or sleeping under a blanket of stars in Papua New Guinea – this has never been done before!


There are many ways that students can connect virtually with these amazing apps and websites. They’re filled with information on just about every topic you can imagine, including geography, history, biology, art, and more. Kids can learn about different cultures and visit destinations in the world they may otherwise never get the chance to see!

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