10+ Best Adaptive Math Games

You may not know this, but math is a lot more fun than you might think. Sure, it’s important for adults to work on their math skills as well because they can improve many aspects of their lives through them. But what about the kids? Math games are a great way to make learning and practicing basic skills in mathematics engaging and fun! There are all sorts of adaptive games that have been designed for different levels of learners so that everyone has something suitable for them. Browse our list below of some of the best adaptive games available right now!


DoodleMaths is a set of programs that work in sync to teach older children skills ranging from addition and subtraction with regrouping, multiplication, graphing quadratics, and decimals. Practice difficulty increases incrementally through the program—but only as the learner needs it. Short practice units quickly cover problematic areas, followed by general reinforcement when you’re feeling confident in your abilities. VERBAL praise is given at every turn for correct responses which reinforces positive thinking! Get more done in less time with DoodleMath s s.

Happy Numbers

Happy Numbers will broaden the mind by building a strong foundation in mathematics. With care and precision, Happy Numbers carefully scaffolds lessons with kids so they can grow to develop their mathematical thinkers. Depth of concepts covered and expertly paced lessons are sure to build lifelong mathematical mindsets.


Zearn brings teachers, created lessons, and adaptive technology together to deliver high quality math instruction. 

Live tutors are there with you when you need them most so they can help in real time when things get tough for kids of all ages. All the necessary online tools are also offered, enabling students to work independently or collaboratively with their classmates or instructors!

JumpStart Academy Math

JumpStart Academy Math delivers math problems to kids when they need it, where they need it. When the user falls behind in their work or if they’re stuck on a topic that’s hard for them, JumpStart provides individualized activities and games for students based on what topics are needed. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all learning! This game-based curriculum is responsive but feels unfinished because you can’t see your student’s grade book unless you purchase an upgrade.

Redbird Mathematics

You’ve heard of it before, you know the drill. The Redbird Mathematics product package provides 2 Math resources for mathematics courses for grades 6-12 in flipped or blended classrooms. Redbird Mathematical Science 1 offers an adaptive math program that reinforces scientific processes and encourages student engagement by asking just the right question at just the right time. You can even build your own lessons!

Class examples are generated automatically based on what students have got wrong so you don’t have to worry about content anymore! Want more? Closer look sections let grade 9-10 high school students move up without fear of getting lost in coursework they’ve already mastered, while low residency programs use this tool to give students a customized curriculum where struggling learners harness their strengths with high-interest content!

DreamBox Learning Math

DreamBox Learning Math is a fun way to practice fundamental math skills. It’s also an excellent, inexpensive solution for extra math support through adaptive technology that adjusts to students’ individual needs and learning styles.

The program pairs engaging games with fantastic videos from experienced teachers as well as personalized coaching to meet your child where they are academically so everyone can learn together.


Looking for a novel way to get your kids excited about math? Think you need two PhDs in mathematics to begin to understand it yourself? Well, LearnBop is here for you and your family. Conceived and developed by mathematicians and educators, this adaptive tutorial site makes math come alive with cool graphics that are scientifically proven to be engaging.

These interactive tutorials also help kids work on concepts they’re having trouble with so students can feel confident tackling harder questions when tested. Learning modern math just got easier!


Prodigy is not your average math test. Play to your strengths! Customize the game for your level—2nd through 6th grade—and practice all types of standard problem sets under pressure-free conditions to get an idea about what it would be like if you were sitting in a quiz show, fast on your feet, and full of answers.

Quick pick answers or type them in, cheer when faced with triumphs…or collaborate with other players to plot tricky paths across treacherous terrain. But beware: should any player run out of health points or hit their time limit before completing Level 1, they’ll lose all progress made so far! Find out where each answer along the way led this intrepid young hero.


Mangahigh is the perfect tool for today’s educators! It gives you an adaptive, follow-your-student system that’s set up for flipped or blended classrooms. Gamify your classroom with these engaging and interactive math games that won’t bore kids to death!

Mangahigh has a killer teacher dashboard where you control what students can compute. And if they get it wrong, give them two more tries before moving on to algebra …or something else entirely.


ALEKS is excellent for students who are not yet ready to sustain mental effort, but are looking for the specific style of learning they prefer. ALEKS dynamically adjusts math content to teach to your pace – whether you get stuck or have mastered concepts quickly.


Math is a hard subject. It’s tough to get just right- from the basics to more complicated topics like integrals and geometry. This is why we created this site for you: MATHia. Every time students log in, they’ll find a tailored math portfolio with their level of skills identified and reviewed by one of our experts. Math becomes smarter because it becomes personal thanks to MATHia!

MATHia is not only designed for the classroom; it’s also available online at any time and anywhere on any device – so students can get up-to-speed with math practice anywhere they please!

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