Best 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzles in 2022

What do you get when you combine a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle with the worlds of art, history and culture? A whole lot of fun! And the best thing about these puzzles is that they’re not just for kids. With so many different subjects to choose from, we have something for everyone. Puzzles are also an excellent way to exercise your brain and keep it healthy by stimulating your visual memory, spatial reasoning and problem solving skills. So if you want some serious mental stimulation without all the stress, start building one today!

Why should we solve 500-piece jigsaw puzzle?

Solving a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle is an excellent way to exercise your brain and keep it healthy.

A 500-piece puzzle is kind of at medium level. It is not easy and not super hard either.

Puzzles are also an excellent way for children to develop their spatial reasoning skills, visual memory and problem solving abilities while having fun.

The best thing about these jigsaw puzzles is that they’re not just for kids! We have something for everyone from the youngest puzzler to the most seasoned player alike with subjects ranging from art history to science.

It’s important for children of all ages–especially those in elementary school who often spend hours sitting at desks filling out worksheets–to make sure they take time each day to get up off their chairs, stretch and engage in activities which provide an outlet for their pent-up energy and creativity.

Well, 500-piece puzzles are just the thing to ensure that kids get plenty of exercise while having fun!

A puzzle is an excellent way for children develop spatial reasoning skills, visual memory and problem solving abilities as they have fun with these games. Easier puzzles can be completed by young puzzlers, but there’s something here for everyone from those in elementary school who spend hours sitting at desks filling out worksheets to more seasoned players alike. It’s important that all children take time each day–especially those in elementary school–to stretch and do activities which provide outlets for their pent-up energy and creative minds.

Best 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

Genuine Fred BLACK CAT

If you want the luxury of a quality jigsaw, minus the headache of sorting tricky images, then this is your puzzle! Mixed with high-quality materials and matte finish packaging, this 500 piece square puzzle comes in an attractive ornate box that will not only show off your hard work but also protect it from damage as well.

This 500 piece square puzzle measures 20 x 20 inches (51cm x 51cm) and features an original artwork by Karen Obuhanych. A 14″ x 14″ color insert of the art is included in each box. The Fred Artist Series jigsaw puzzles are all made to the highest quality standards. Each 2mm thick ribbon-cut puzzle is made of 90% recycled material, and printed with soy-based inks with an anti-glare finish. They’re packaged in sturdy matte-finish boxes that are perfect for gifting, stacking & storage! The pieces are stored in a resealable bag with minimal dust as well as a bit of bubble wrap for extra protection during handling.

Buffalo Games – Country Store

Begin a fun-filled Americana experience with Buffalo Games Country Store – 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. Puzzles are like great books and long car trips; you’ve got to put in the time and work for the payoff, but it is so worth it! You will enjoy working on these puzzles…

During America’s Great Depression, people had little money for frivolous expenses like movies or radio shows. But they could spend hours putting together a big jigsaw puzzle that required 3 small ones inside… Posing as an inexpensive entertainment over several weeks, they were amazed at how quickly their pastime filled up their minds. Whether your days are full of TV games or evening socializing, try this old-fashioned game that brings families closer together and have fun.

Springbok’s 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Birds of a Feather

Test your eye for detail with Springbok’s 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle of Birds of a Feather from the company that started it all!

With a precision cut that ensures an interlocking heirloom quality puzzle, each piece is shaped and dressed so no two pieces will ever be alike. Unique to this puzzle is our large size at 18 inches by 23.5 inches, making sure you have plenty to keep you busy for hours on end while you soak up the feeling of satisfaction when you finally complete it after hard work.

This 500 piece jigsaw is an incredible combination of bright colors and beautifully detailed pieces that will keep both children and adults engaged for hours on end. It features a tight finish with never-repeated pieces that are 18% thicker than industry standards. 

Blooming Beach House

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a tropical paradise right from your own back door? With Blooming Beach House, you can dream of doing just that. It’s 500 pieces of bliss with a pleasant design and quality recycled cardboard sheets.

Whether for a gift or indulgence, no one will tire of the “thrill” this puzzle delivers. Think about how wonderfully refreshing it would be after collecting all those little bits and pieces from 500 puzzles for hours on end! Be sure to pick up one before they’re gone – we don’t think there are many left already…

Fishing Jigsaw Puzzles

Give the gift of fun with a 500-piece fishing jigsaw puzzle! This challenging 20*14.5” pack features vibrant colors and incredible detail in an easy-to-fix design so all ages from 8 to 99 can put it together.

You can also mount your finished masterpiece in a frame as home décor, or let the kids join you by putting this jigsaw puzzle over their coffee table for when they have friends over—it will help them cultivate endurance and concentration while having great logic training thanks to the entertaining piece melding. All it takes is 250 pieces assembled without mistakes to make this attractive 500 piece sheet into something worthwhile.

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