Best 300-Piece Puzzles in 2022

300-piece puzzles are the perfect way to spend a quiet afternoon. But which ones should you buy? There are so many options out there, from 3D to glossy and more.

Keep your puzzle’s size and shape in mind. Are you looking for a larger or smaller one? What about your skill level? There are puzzles of all sizes, shapes, and difficulties to suit every mood!

Consider the quality of the pieces themselves. Puzzles with printed images will have different levels of detail depending on how good their printing is – from fuzzy to crisp. You’ll also want to consider if they’re made out of cardboard or plastic so that it doesn’t spoil easily (go figure).

Find a theme that sparks something inside you! Need some help getting started? Here are some popular types: animals, landscapes, cities/urban environments, famous paintings…no matter what type fits into your interests best there will be a perfect puzzle for you to enjoy.

Don’t forget about the difficulty level! Puzzles come in all shapes and sizes – from easy (150 pieces) to hard (3000+) so there’s something out there for everyone. 300-piece puzzle is kind of easy to certain level so it is suitable for almost everyone.

You’ll also want to consider how much space they take up once complete. Especially if your using them as decoration around the house, some puzzles are too large to fit nicely on shelves or tables. Too small might not provide enough entertainment either though, so make sure this is taken into account when deciding on which size would work best for your needs.

5 Best 300 Piece Puzzles

Norman Catwell

Help solve the mysteries of Norman Catwell and his super sneaky kitty friend in this 300-piece jigsaw puzzle. This set features 33% larger pieces than standard puzzles for improved dexterity and placement when piecing together our sneaky friends. Once completed, the finished size is a huge 21 by 15 inches! You’ll be able to connect with your favorite mystery solving duo through a full color bonus poster conveniently included with your purchase which will show you where all those individual parts lie and align correctly so you can put it all together like a PRO!

Welcome to Heaven

Heaven is now available! With over 300 pieces, this extra large puzzle from Alan Giana will keep you occupied for hours while pondering the beautiful country covered bridge in full detail. This oversized easy-to-grip puzzle raised to 18 inches x 24 inches means larger pieces are even easier to spot and put into place. With a thick recycled board and random cut slices, your interlocking fit will be tight too!

Here you’ll find the most welcoming country ever, with a two lane bridge so narrow it only allows one agent across at a time. Step onto our vacation spot where your tireless efforts will be rewarded by 300 beautiful puzzle pieces featuring lovely art by popular artist Alan Giana, which are so easy to grip because they’re over-sized! And for those who appreciate graphics just as much as puzzles (we know that’s everyone!), the artwork is finished off in colorful bright pastel colors!

Frosty Treats

Frosty Treats! The most delicious, FUN puzzle of the year. Take on a colorful winter wonderland with Frosty Treats – filled with huge pieces and hours of thrills. But don’t be fooled by these snowballs- this jigsaw is anything but cold as Jack Frost weaves his way through popsicle trees and candy cane lanes for one sweet treat after another! Help finish all 300 frostful scenes from strawberry treats to peppermint tricks with our full color bonus poster included for help in solving those tough spots. Your brain will go snow berry crazy as you solve all those frosty puzzles from September to maybe June (and beyond if you happen to love winter)!

Dream Landscape 

Puzzles are a great way to pass the time and create a memorable experience with friends and family members. Dream Landscape is more than just a puzzle, it’s an exquisite representation of nature imagined by Alan Giana in his iconic style. With 300 pieces that invite you to wander through your own personal landscape at home while getting your brain warmed up for solving more complex puzzles later on, this jigsaw will keep you entertained for hours. These large, die-cut pieces still something most challenging puzzles around and they also contain no two alike amongst them ensuring never-ending adventures! Enjoy assembling bits of recycled cardboard into natural scenes paired with soothing music from Soundcatcher as we take you down that secret path between leaves or onto the sunny surface of the water.

Country Kitchen

Mmmm, let’s go straight to the kitchen. Open your eyes and take a look around you – everything in this Country Kitchen is awaiting its turn to be put together – maybe it’s a pot with boiling noodles waiting for someone to stir in just a little bit of Parmesan cheese? Or perhaps that saucepan over on the stovetop will never reach the perfect boil unless you place some more lit under it.

Come! Sit down at this beautifully refinished old table that has its room now cleared for entertainment or filling up with tasty meals ready for company. You’ll enjoy hours of puzzle-solving fun as always fresh pieces are revealed time after time until your completed puzzle stands 18″ x 24″, larger than life size!

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