Best 100-Piece Puzzles in 2022

Do you love puzzles? Do you enjoy a challenge that requires all of your brain power? If so, 100-piece jigsaw puzzles are the perfect thing for you. A 100-piece puzzle is just what it sounds like: It’s a puzzle with 100 pieces. These puzzles can be easy or difficult and come in an assortment of shapes, themes, and sizes. They’re great for kids and adults alike because they give their brains a workout!

100-piece puzzles are a great way to work on your mental agility. They also make for an excellent family activity because they require teamwork and creativity! As well, working with the pieces is soothing to some people’s anxiety or stress levels. Puzzles can help relieve tension in these situations by giving both hands something productive to do.

A 100-piece jigsaw puzzle is easy to solve, which are also a great way to get back in touch with your creative side. In the long run, it’s been shown that jigsaw puzzles can help people learn new things and even make them smarter!

5 Best 100-Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

Caterpillar 4-Pack

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Five out of five puzzle enthusiasts agree that when it comes to quality, fun and value for money; the people at MasterPieces know what they’re talking about.

This CATERPILLAR multi-pack comes with four puzzles featuring cat vehicles and equipment onsite at the Quarry, in the parking lot, over the bridge, and around town – all working hard to get the job done. Officially licensed Caterpillar product with officially licensed artwork depicting a genuine manufacturing operation on Earth (that’s us!)

A family business that dates back to 1932 in Aurora Illinois is behind MasterPieces’ reusable toys for boys and girls ages 6 years or older. Green packaging minimizes material use so you can keep playing! Four 100-piece puzzles finished size: 31 x 25in

African Plains Safari Jumbo

Your child will feel like they’ve stepped into the African savanna as they put together this 100-piece floor puzzle. It features detailed, beautifully designed scenes of African animals that help develop fine motor skills with its extra-thick pieces. Whether your little one is playing alone or working on it with you, this Melissa & Doug floor puzzle proves to be a great toy for your child’s development of coordination and problem solving skills.

Puzzle hunting leads to exotic adventures through the wilds of Africa with the Melissa & Doug African Plains Safari Jumbo. Kids will delight in exploring this detailed and large puzzle with 100 pieces that fit together smoothly and beautifully display exquisite animal scenes.

Sneaker American Style

Now you can bring the glamour of Hollywood to your home with Ravensburger’s high-quality jigsaw puzzles. With every single piece fitting perfectly, it won’t take long for you to be puzzling endlessly in peace without ever missing a puzzle piece.

From Rodeo Drive shopping on Sunset Boulevard to relaxing at the hotel pool complete with palm trees, Ravenburger has made our dreams come true. The city is yours for the taking!

This jigsaw puzzle is high-quality in terms of design and material because we know they help relieve stress and give hours of fun.

Ravensburger knows how hard it is to complete any task without tools (life skills). That’s why their 3D jigsaw puzzle makes an easy click so that all these pieces fit perfectly together; think about how relieving that will be when you can finally put the last piece in place!

Horse Dreams

Enough with those cheap, pesky puzzles that make you think about which piece goes where. Forget your old frustrations and turn to a brand new puzzler’s paradise: Ravensburger Puzzles! With their exclusive anti-glare surface and all of the unique shapes, Raveniburger will bring wonder into your child’s world as they work on developing their concentration, creativity, and spatial skills.

Youngsters can enjoy this cool puzzle experience from toddlers up to adults for hours or days in the company of our friendly jigsaw figures! So without any further hesitation indulge in Horse Dreams by Ravensburger today!

No Dogs on The Beach

No Dogs on The Beach is a whimsical and adorable 100-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. This Ravensburger extra thick anti-glare surface puzzle features pieces that are unique to each of the puzzles, which will make your puzzling experience so much more enjoyable than other brands you may have tried. Purchase it today for an entirely new puzzle experience!

This No Dogs on The Beach 100-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle is perfect for the summer as it contains 100 pieces, giving you incredible detail that will be appreciated by puzzle enthusiasts. Lay back, relax under a shady tree or inside in front of an air conditioner and find out where your wits can take you this summer!

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