How to Get Started with Anime as a Hobby?

Anime might be best known for over-the-top action, dramatic plotlines and complex characters. But there are plenty of other types, too. Let’s explore what anime is, whether it is a good hobby, and how to start watching anime!

What is Anime?

Anime is a type of animation originating in Japan. Anime developed from ancient hand-drawn art called “manga.”

The word anime, written in rōmaji, is the kanji writing of the word “animation” in Japanese. The word first came into common usage in the 1970s when Japanese animators experimented with new animation techniques and began creating their own animation, which had previously been restricted to movies and television shows.

Why is Anime Popular All Over the World?

Everyone has their own reason to love anime. Some people first got into the hobby because they loved the art style, while others were drawn in by specific characters or storylines. There are lots of different anime series available for you to choose from – whether you’re young or old, looking for something educational or just want an action-packed adventure!

The common answer for this is people are drawn to anime because of the art style. Some people started as a fan because they loved a particular character or storyline. Most anime series are available in many different types that will suit any age group’s fancy, from children and teenagers to adults who want something educational.

In addition, anime has been popular all over the world since it originated from Japan. It’s gaining more popularity now than ever before! Especially with an interactive way spent following along with there favorite show via storytelling apps like Nico Video which you can use on your phone or computer browser. People who don’t speak Japanese can still follow the story just by looking at the drawings and words that appear on screen – what better way to watch your favorite series?

Is Anime a Good Hobby?

Anime is a good hobby to get involved with if you want to expand your horizons! Many anime series are inspired by Japanese myths, legends and folktales. Some of these programs are even aired on television! Most anime is created for audiences at least 13 years old, but there are loads suitable for younger viewers, too. And thanks to streaming services, it’s easier than ever before to find the one that’s right for you.

What are the Benefits?

If you’re looking for an interesting new hobby or way to spend free time, anime might be perfect for you! This type of media has been around since Japan first developed animation techniques in the 1970s. Today it has gained popularity all over the world – especially with interactive storytelling like Nico Video.

What are the Drawbacks?

Anime can be discouraging if you don’t know where to start. There’s so much content out there that it’s difficult for beginners to pick something they’ll enjoy. Different anime fans want different things – some people love action-packed shows while others enjoy educational or comedic series instead.

All in all, anime is a fun hobby that has become more popular than ever before! Thanks to streaming services and apps like Nico Video, it’s easier than ever before to find the one that’s right for you. The benefits of anime are endless – whether you’re looking for an interesting new way to spend your free time or just want something new and different . It might seem overwhelming at first, but if you stick with it and learn what kind of anime is best for you, you’ll enjoy this hobby for years to come!

Types of Anime Series to Watch for Every Age Group

You can find anime that are suitable for all ages, whether you’re young or old. There are series created specifically for children and teenagers, as well as shows for adults. Some of these programs are even aired on television!

There’s a type of anime out there for everyone! Let’s explore some different genres available:

You’re young and want to start with something light-hearted and fun. Chances are, you’ve already seen at least one anime series – because most children’s animation is actually straight-up Japanese anime! These shows include:

As a teenager, you might be looking for something that has more drama and action. Lots of teenagers get hooked on shonen anime like Naruto, Bleach or Fairy Tail. They typically focus on the battle between good versus evil, featuring human heroes or otherworldly creatures fighting against each other or other threats. Some shonen series include:

If you’re loving shonen anime, but want something with a little more challenges for the protagonist to face, seinen anime is the answer. These series are suitable for older teenagers – typically 17 and up – because they explore complex storylines or difficult topics like death or violence. You might also find some romantic elements in these shows if you enjoy love stories. Titles include:

Perhaps you’re looking for something educational? There are plenty of anime series created specifically for younger audiences (think around 8-12 years old). Children’s anime will often feature fun characters that help teach children about different subjects like science or history. Some examples include:

As an adult, most people tend to go toward any type of action-packed show that they can watch. However, even adults can enjoy anime that’s either just for kids or focuses on drama and romance instead of battles scenes. Check out these titles:

Adult anime often has more mature themes than children’s shows – just like in American animation! If you’re not interested in something like this, there are plenty of other options available to watch though!

You can find anime that are suitable for all ages, whether you’re young or old. There are series created specifically for children and teenagers, as well as shows for adults. Some of these programs are even aired on television!

Teenagers looking to get into the world of anime tend to start with a popular series like Pokemon or Attack on Titan. These shows tend to have exciting adventures with relatable characters that many teenagers can connect with. There’s also the slice-of-life genre found in anime, which often follows a group of friends in a high school setting.

Traditional live-action shows may be deemed “boring” by teenagers looking for something exciting to watch after school or on the weekends. And while anime may seem edgy and weird at first, it’s important that parents understand their children are watching stories with lessons and morals–just like any other show on TV! Anime geared towards teens can teach them about friendship, teamwork, and trust issues… Just don’t tell your kids we said so!

If you’re still not sure what types of anime there are, let’s think of it this way: if Nickelodeon cartoons were produced in Japan and had more violence and mature content, they’d probably be anime! This means that shows like SpongeBob SquarePants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would be considered anime.

Anime geared towards kids is often colorful and vibrant, with comedic plots that are easy to follow–which makes them super fun to watch! You might not learn much in terms of lessons or life skills, but your children will have a blast watching these animated worlds come to life.

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed after reading this article… well, don’t panic! There’s plenty of time for you to get started with the world of Japanese animation. If there’s one thing anime fans learned in our research, it’s that the best way to get into the fandom is by simply trying out different shows. You may find that the wacky world of anime has a lot to offer!

What Are Some Popular Anime I Can Start Watching?

The most popular anime that you can start with is the Dragon Ball Z series. This anime is loved by people of all ages and it has an exciting and fascinating storyline. If the protagonist, Goku, was a human living in our time, he would be classified as a superhero.

Another series loved by many people is One Piece. The various adventures and trials faced by the main characters make this show popular. It also features soundtracks as well as an interesting storyline complete with suspenseful plots and fun twists.

Many other anime such as Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura also have good storylines that will keep viewers interested in the show till the end. They are loved for their compelling drama as well as their fantasy elements that give the show an interesting touch.

If you’re interested in fantasy anime, then you should try out Miyazaki’s work. His movies are beautifully animated and they feature themes about life, love, and friendship. Many people who watched his movies were left with a deep sense of appreciation for the wonderful world around them.

Currently, Tokyo MX airs some of the most popular anime series that can be enjoyed by children as well as adults alike. These include Death Parade (a show about two bartenders that play games with people’s lives at stake), Durarara!! (an action-packed drama), Blue Exorcist (a story about exorcists fighting demons), Sword Art Online II (a story about teenagers trapped in a virtual reality game), Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! (a comedy featuring magical boys who save the planet from destruction), and many more.

Of course, there are also anime series that air on free-to-air channels such as TV Asashi and Fuji TV. These include One Punch Man (an action story about a hero who can easily overcome any opponent with a single punch), Assassination Classroom (a story about an alien teacher who wants to destroy earth… but he’s actually trying to teach his students how to survive) and Yowamushi Pedal (the story of a boy starting out as a cyclist).

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