What is Android Compatibility Program?

Android is the world’s most popular operating system, and with over 2.3 billion active devices, it has a huge impact on our daily lives in many ways. One of these impacts is compatibility- Android developers must maintain their apps for this ever-growing ecosystem of devices to ensure that their app will continue to function as intended on all the various device models.

Android Compatibility Program is a program that helps device manufacturers and mobile operators provide updates to Android devices. Google, in partnership with the OEMs and carriers, works together to maintain technical compatibility among all Android devices.

With this program, they are able to ensure users can enjoy their favorite apps on any compatible device while continuing to get access to the latest innovations from our partners.

Android’s goal is to give people a platform where they can build innovative apps.

  • The Android Compatibility program defines technical details of the Android platform and provides tools for OEMs to ensure developer applications run on a variety of devices. If you are an app developer, it is crucial that your application runs smoothly across different brands. Many people use AOSP for development purposes or just because they want their phone to be as close to stock android as possible.
  • The Android SDK provides built-in tools for developers to clearly state the device features required by their applications. It’s time we equip our application development team with these essential resources so that they can implement this new trend in software design and publish a more polished product down the road.
  • You can’t get lost in the maze of apps if you are using a distribution system like Google Play. They filter out all apps that won’t work with your device and only show compatible ones, so users don’t have to waste time sorting through pages upon pages of incompatible or outdated programs just to find what they want!

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