9 Zoom Features For Online Learning Success

Online learning is a great way to stay on top of your professional development, but it can be hard to keep up with all the different tools and features. Zoom is one of the most popular online meeting tools out there, but it’s not always easy to figure out how best to use their features.

We’ve compiled this list of 9 features that will help you get more done during your meetings. You’ll learn about everything from recording video or audio for later review, using screen sharing so everyone can see what you’re doing, and even getting transcripts emailed directly to you after each meeting. These are just some of the many ways Zoom makes online learning easier than ever before.

Screen-Share Video Files

Screen sharing is a great way to add a little more life to your online training. While the instructor might have been speaking about a certain feature on their computer, you can add some context by showing exactly what they’re seeing on your screen. And since Zoom’s screen sharing tool is so easy to use, it won’t slow things down.

Get Organized with Team Zoom Rooms

If you want to get more organized, your best bet is team zoom rooms. This feature lets admins create new meeting rooms for different projects or topics. You can invite people of all levels to join, making it easy for everyone to keep on task without interrupting the flow of the conversation.

Create Online Meetings with Customizable Scheduling Options

If you like to schedule your online training sessions, Zoom is very flexible. You can set up recurring meetings at regular times and days of the week, or opt for more customized schedules.

For example, if a student wants a meeting on Saturday afternoon before heading into a weekend tournament, that’s no problem. Zoom offers 24/7 scheduling, so you can find a time that works for everyone.

Sometimes the hardest part of an online meeting is finding a good time for everyone to meet.

Once you set up your calendar preferences, Zoom will search for available times during which everyone can attend. This makes it much easier to find a good time without having to ask for special availability.

With Zoom, you’re able to get more done than ever before. Whether you’re just starting out with online learning or looking to expand your services, its features will help you do it right the first time.

Get Higher Quality Audio by Enabling Original Sound

If you’ve ever used another meeting tool, you might remember that the quality was never up to par. You’ll be glad to know that Zoom has your audio covered with original sound.

This feature will prevent clipping and other major issues so you can have crystal-clear conversations without any background noise or echoes.

Connecting through genuine sound delivers a higher-resolution audio stream in courses, such as music seminars, in which instructors and pupils are already using high-quality sound equipment. In this situation, using original sound results in a higher-resolution audio signal.

Use a Second Camera for More Engaging Video

With Zoom, you can take the video learning content up a notch by adding an additional camera.

This is especially great for those asynchronous sessions where students aren’t able to hear the instructor as well as they’d like.

Being able to see their face and reactions makes it much easier to understand what’s going on and follow along, so you’ll be able to get the most out of each session.

Use the Co-Annotation Feature

Want everyone to take note of some points during your meetings? Zoom’s co-annotation feature helps you do just that.

While not all participants will have this option, instructors are able to draw on the screen using their mouse or touchpad. Everyone else can then see what has been added by viewing a separate window.

Use Class Time More Effectively with Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re a Zoom instructor, using this tool can save quite a bit of time.

A quick command from the keyboard will allow instructors to control elements on screen such as annotations, camera angles and video playback. This makes it easy for them to stay focused on the topic at hand without having to jump around between different tools.

As a bonus, Zoom also offers a number of system-wide shortcuts for Windows and Mac. This makes it much easier to take advantage of Zoom from any application you’re working in at the time.

Provide Live Feedback with Screen Sharing

Another element that makes Zoom unique is screen sharing. While other meeting tools only allow participants to watch another’s screen without interacting, Zoom offers a way for instructors and students to actively connect, even if they’re in different locations.

This makes it easy to accomplish a number of things. Instructors can share their screen with students so that everyone is on the same page, or you can use it as a platform for live feedback. This allows everyone to see what changes are occurring as you record your screen, draw on it and more.

All of this is done without affecting performance, so there’s no need to worry about jittery video or lag.

Share Translated Lectures for ESL Students

You can make your lessons more accessible by providing subtitles in English to ESL students. This is especially helpful for online courses that are aimed at students in different parts of the world.

Zoom’s translation feature allows you to listen along while it writes subtitles in another language.

What’s more, these subtitles will sync up with your presentation or screen sharing.

This is especially helpful for students who are hard of hearing or need a little extra time to process information.


As online learning continues to expand, it’s important that education technology keeps up. With Zoom, you’ll be able to meet your students’ needs with enhanced audio, video, co-annotation and more.

No matter what you’re teaching, Zoom has the features you need to take your courses to the next level.

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