9 Best Virtual Classroom Tools in 2022

Are you looking for the best virtual classroom tools? Virtual classrooms are becoming more and more popular. They offer a number of benefits, such as increased flexibility in scheduling and reduced costs. But not all virtual classrooms are created equal. Some have poor quality video or audio, while others don’t allow students to interact with each other at all.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best virtual classroom tools on the market today so that you can find one that suits your needs perfectly!

What is a Virtual Classroom?

A Virtual Classroom is any type of classroom in which members take part in the presentation, discussion, viewing, or other form of interaction over a network. It can occur with or without the use of physical meeting space.

Virtual classrooms are increasinng in popularity for a number of reasons.

  • First, they offer flexibility in the classroom schedule, which is helpful for parents who have a hard time pulling their kids out of school for a day-long meeting.
  • Second, virtual classrooms often have lower costs than traditional face-to-face classrooms – since they don’t require renting physical space or paying for travel expenses. That means that they’re more accessible to people with lower incomes.

Benefits of Virtual Classroom Tools

Better learner engagement

Virtual classrooms offer tools to better engage learners. One of the most important benefits of a virtual classroom is that it allows for greater learner engagement. The technology used in virtual classrooms is designed to encourage interaction, such as chat boxes and polling questions, which provide feedback on how well individual participants are doing. Another benefit of these types of classes is that they often can be recorded so that learners can review the content after the class has passed.

Increased student retention rates

Another benefit of virtual classrooms is that they have been shown to have higher student retention rates. One study found that the average number of dropouts for a traditional as compared with a virtual classroom is 50%. It concluded that the advantages of distance education, such as increased student retention rates, are realized by greater learner engagement.

Enhanced academic success

Virtual classrooms have been shown to contribute positively to the success of students.

Many follow a virtual classroom structure in order to allow teachers and students to review lesson content and concepts at their own pace.

Save time on travel

The last benefit on our list is that virtual classrooms can save you time when travelling. This is especially important for people with busy schedules, but it also saves the company money by reducing travel expenses.

Virtual classrooms are becoming more popular, not only because it saves time on travel, but because it saves money as well. This is because many of these classrooms are less expensive than traditional ones, which often require renting physical space or paying for travel expenses.

Best Virtual Classroom Tools

Kaltura Virtual Classroom

The Kaltura platform is an online tool that is easy to use and specifically designed for online education. Instructors and students alike can interact as if they were in the same room with a single click!

In an environment fully branded for your institution, connect your learners through engaging tools like a whiteboard, screen sharing, breakout rooms, real-time notes, live quizzes, and more.

Kaltura’s Online Classroom Platform is for institutions looking to engage their learners through interactive tools like a whiteboard, screen sharing, breakout rooms, real time notes, live quizzes and more in an environment fully branded for your institution.


Vedamo virtual classrooms are built for learning. From the moment you log in, you’ll see all of your lessons right on the homepage, organized by category and date. Collaborate with teachers to share content online with an interactive whiteboard or breakout room. Easily switch between presentations, videos, images using Vedamo’s slideshow tools that are common among its LMS integrations too!

Vedamo’s virtual classroom is designed to be efficient for instructors and learners alike. Find all your courses in one easy location, with all the content you need at your fingertips. Utilize an interactive whiteboard or breakout room to communicate ideas with others in real time. Use slide tools like images, videos, presentation sharing, and more to enhance your lessons.


One of the first attempts to enter the virtual classroom software market was BigBlueButton. It’s hosted service is designed for students and teachers to participate in online live lessons.

BigBlueButton is an open source virtual classroom, where instructors can either create their own customized sessions or join existing public sessions. The software provides users with the tools to share content, documents, presentations, or screens during a session; allows learners to communicate using text chat, voice chat, video conferencing tools, or desktop sharing; and provides the ability to interact with your teacher, other students in the session, or even allow learners to present their own content.

Echo360 Share

Another great example of virtual classroom software is Echo360’s Share tool. It allows instructors using any LMS to easily teach live classes or conduct virtual office hours.

Echo360 Share is a powerful webcam, microphone, chat, and screen-sharing tool that’s built right into your Echo360 LMS. Instructors can use Echo360 to share their desktop with students during live class sessions or via live office hours. The extensive set of tools allows teachers to interact directly with students, provide real-time feedback and even engage learners with quizzes.

Echo360’s live virtual classroom is a great tool for institutions that use Echo360 as their LMS. The software allows instructors to share their desktop during live classes or office hours. It helps teachers connect with students by providing a webcam, microphone, chat and screen-sharing tool that’s built right into the Echo360 LMS.


The app is also specifically designed for online teaching and tutoring. LearnCube is a professional online tutoring platform helps instructors to deliver effective streaming lessons.

It provides a variety of tools and features that supports collaboration and interaction, detailed reporting and analytics, and video-enhanced private lessons.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is the leading web conferencing and virtual events solution that allows you to connect anywhere to train, teach, present, collaborate, communicate with your stakeholders in a single powerful platform.

Adobe Connect is designed for large online classes in which instructors can stream videos or access other rich media content while they share their screen. Adobe Connect offers participants the ability to communicate via voice, video, chat and screen sharing. It also allows for live polling and Q&A with students.


Zoom is a video conferencing software that is specifically designed for online classrooms. Zoom is a cloud-based platform that allows you to conduct multi-party, HD web meetings and videoconferences on any device.

Zoom has undergone significant engineering efforts in order to make the meeting experience more intuitive and simple. The design features include cutting edge video processing technology, automatic microphone noise suppression, defect detection and feedback system.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a chat-based video conferencing tool that allows you to interact with your students using text or voice messages. It’s much more than just a web conference – the app enables you to host small group sessions (up to 15 people) and give the participants the ability to share their screens, chat with each other and video conference at the same time.

Google Hangouts is another great tool that’s available on both desktop and mobile platforms. This allows you to conduct online classes from your computer (laptop or desktop), smartphone, or tablet device. The software works across all major operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac.


Finally, there is Pear Deck . It was designed with user interaction in mind, allowing students to easily share their screens during lessons and connect via voice chat or HD video conferencing tools. Pear Deck also features live polling capabilities to keep everyone on track of the lesson.

PearDeck is a virtual classroom tool that can be used by both students and instructors to enhance their online courses. The software has many tools including voice chat, video conferencing, live polling, document sharing, screen sharing and more to facilitate the communication between participants in real time.

I hope this article helped you understand some of the virtual classroom tools out there that are available to you. There are many other tools that I did not list here but these are just some of the most popular ones being used today!

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