5 Best Round Glass Coffee Tables in 2022

Round tables are the perfect shape to make a statement in your living room. They’re largely available and offer you a lot of options for style. Whether you’re looking for an elegant and classical look or something more modern, there is sure to be the perfect round glass coffee table for you. Here are our five favorite picks!

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Round Glass Coffee Tables

Design: After deciding on your preferred shape, it’s time to choose one of the many designs available. There are many unique coffee tables design ideas and trends. You should also look at whether or not you would like storage space inside the table itself. This guide will help point out some of the best choices.

Materials: For any type of furniture piece, there are endless materials that can be used in its construction. Popular materials for these types of tables include glass and wood. Additionally, other options such as metal and marble may also be available.

Price: Finally, you need to consider your budget and what price range is comfortable for you. There are hundreds of options available ranging from under $100 to over a thousand for luxury pieces, so it’s important that you shop around to find the best table at the right price!

5 Best Round Glass Coffee Tables For Your Living Room

Walker Edison Cora Modern Round Faux Glass Top Coffee Table

Walker Edison Cora Modern Round Faux Glass Top Coffee Table with X Base
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Coffee tables are a must-have for any living room. They provide a place to rest your feet, hold drinks and snacks, and help you gather with friends.

But most coffee tables have one big problem – they’re too small! We’ve all sat around a table that isn’t quite wide enough or long enough for our legs. And forget about having more than two people sit down at it without getting in each other’s way. The only solution is to buy another coffee table… which means spending even more money on something we don’t need! 

This Cora Modern Round Faux Glass Top Coffee Table solves this problem by being the perfect size for up to four adults while still leaving plenty of room on the sides to put drinks and snacks (or even your feet!). Not only is it large enough for everyone, but it also looks great in any setting thanks to its sleek glass top and clean lines. This modern round faux glass top coffee table is sure to be the center of attention in your living room for years!

It’s made from 100% recycled materials and has an elegant faux-glass top that looks great in any living space while also being safer than tempered glass tables. The tabletop supports up to 100 pounds which means it will work great for holding all sorts of things including books, lamps, plants, decorative items, and more!

Mango Steam Round Metro Glass Coffee Table

Mango Steam Round Metro Glass Coffee Table/Side Table/for Living Room & Dining Room - Clear Top/Black Base
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Finding a stylish, modern coffee table is hard. The Mango Steam Round Metro Glass Coffee Table solves this problem by combining great looks with practicality. It’s made of clear tempered glass and has a black steel base that will fit into any decor style.

You’ll love the look and feel of our Mango Steam Round Metro Glass Coffee Table as soon as you see it in person. Its contemporary design makes it perfect for living rooms, offices, or even bedrooms! Plus its sturdy construction means you won’t have to worry about your kids jumping on it or spilling drinks on top like you would with cheaper tables…so why wait?

Sauder 417830 Int Lux Coffee Table

Sauder 417830 Int Lux Coffee Table Round
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This modern coffee table is made from metal with a safety tempered glass top. It comes ready assembled and ships direct to your door by UPS or FedEx for free. The Sauder 417830 Int Lux Coffee Table has been reviewed as an affordable option that looks great in any room of your home. We also have matching end tables available so you can complete the look!

This sturdy metal frame with a safety tempered glass top comes fully assembled so all you have to do is take it out of the box and place it where you want. It’s available in different colors, but I’m sure that this one will fit your taste perfectly.

The glass top is scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and looks amazing no matter which way you decide to place it. With its sleek design and multiple uses (it even has wheels!), this product is definitely worth every penny!

Sauder Harvey Park Coffee Table

Sauder Harvey Park Coffee Table
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Most coffee tables are either too big or too small and lack the versatility that you really need in your home. They might also come with cheap veneer finishes that don’t hold up well over time.

The Sauder Harvey Park Coffee Table is the perfect size at 42 inches wide and 18 inches deep – it’s large enough to fit books, magazines, remotes, and more without feeling cluttered, but not so big that it overwhelms smaller spaces like apartments or condos.

It features tempered glass on all sides which allows you to place this table almost anywhere in your home without worrying about damaging walls or furniture. And since it comes with metal construction as opposed to veneer wood, there’s no risk of warping or cracking over time because metal doesn’t expand and contract based on humidity changes like wood does!

TroySys Thick Round Circle Glass Table

TroySys - 3/8
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It can be hard to find quality tempered round circle glass tabletops on your own because there are so many options available. The problem is even worse if you’re trying to buy a piece with specific dimensions or an unusual shape or design, like a thick-edged square piece with rounded corners that’s exactly 36″ x 36″. 

TroySys makes shopping easy by offering high-quality products at reasonable prices and providing detailed information about each product including its size, weight, edge finish, etc., as well as customer reviews from previous buyers who have already purchased similar items from them.

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