5 Best Monitor Stands in 2022

Monitor stands are the unsung heroes of the desktop. They’re not flashy, they don’t have much to do with how quickly you can get done what you need to get done, but it’s impossible to imagine a desk without one.

Monitor stands are designed for monitors that weigh less than 50 pounds and will support your monitor even if it is on an uneven surface. The five best monitor stands discussed in this article are perfect for home theaters, home offices, retail settings, and more!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Monitor Stands

  • Size and Capacity: Monitor stands should be able to support the weight of your monitor without issue. If your current stand is failing you, it may be time to invest in a new stand. For example, if you have recently upgraded from a 27″ CRT monitor to an LED monitor that weighs over 18 lbs, it would certainly be better for you to get a larger stand with more capacity than what you currently have.
  • Material: Most stands are either made out of steel or aluminum or some combination of both. If this is going to be a high-traffic area where people will be walking around and setting things on top of the stand, we recommend choosing a steel monitor stand due to its durability and sturdiness.
  • Cable Management: Some stands feature built-in cable management hangers, while others require you to use zip ties or other means to keep the cables organized. Make sure that your new stand can accommodate your needs for cable organization.
  • Cable Included: If you plan on using a VESA mount with your monitor, make sure that the stand comes with an adapter for it. Most monitors will come with these types of adapters, however, there are always exceptions to the rule!
  • Price Range: Monitor stands vary greatly in price. Whether you’re looking for just a simple accessory or something fully adjustable and capable of supporting more than one monitor, there is something out there for everyone’s budget!

5 Best Monitor Stands

3M Adjustable Monitor Stand Riser

3M Adjustable Monitor Stand Riser
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3M Adjustable Monitor Stand Riser is perfect for people who need to keep their monitor at an ergonomically correct level. With 11″ of storage space underneath it maximizes desk space, laptop computers, printers, and monitors with a weight limit of up to 80 pounds. The contemporary design includes stacking columns with increments of 1 5/8″ that raise the monitor from ground level to 7 7/8″.

This stand has 11 inches of clearance between the stackable columns, giving you ample room to fit supplies under the platform. With this stand, you can create space for paper beneath a printer or small laptops. The adjustable height also makes it perfect for cramped desk stations.

VonHaus 05/081 Large Curved Glass Monitor Stand

VonHaus 05/081 Large Curved Glass Monitor Stand - Adjustable Height Multiple Screen Riser for PC Monitors
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Looking for a stylish and functional way to raise your monitor or TV to the perfect height? VonHaus’s large curved glass monitor stand has you covered. The sleek, curved design not only looks great but also allows your monitor cables to run down the back of the stand, keeping your desk tidy and organized.

Made from tough tempered glass, this stand can hold monitors up to 27.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches tall, making it perfect for any home or office space. It’s also easy to assemble and features stylish tubular aluminum feet that can be height-adjusted between 3.5 inches and 4.3 inches, giving you the perfect viewing angle every time.

Mind Reader MESHMONSTA-BLK Metal Mesh Monitor Stand

Mind Reader MESHMONSTA-BLK Metal Mesh Monitor Stand and Desk Organizer with Drawer
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Keep your work area spick and span with this sturdy metal mesh monitor stand. This stand is perfect for any flat screen display monitors or televisions, laptops, printers, and more! Raising your computer monitors to a comfortable viewing position helps reduce back pain caused by poor posture while working or watching tv.

It offers a non-slip design and built-in storage, making it ideal for holding your monitor or TV. The space-saving unit also includes a drawer, making it easy to store your small office supplies.

Mind Reader Monitor Stand

Mind Reader PC
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The durable, heavy-duty plastic stand fits most flat-screen displays, monitors, laptops, printers, and more. You can raise the monitors or laptops to a comfortable viewing position with detachable legs, which also helps to reduce neck pain and stress levels.

The non-slip design and detachable legs with non-skid feet keep your monitor in place, while the built-in storage drawers provide convenient storage for small office accessories. The stand measures 12.8 in. W x 13.5 in. L x 2.7 in. H without risers, and 4.025 in. H with risers, making it the perfect size for any desk or tabletop.

FITUEYES Monitor Stand

FITUEYES Monitor Stand –Adjustable Glass Computer Monitor Riser
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This handy device raises your monitor to a more comfortable height, improving your posture and allowing you to focus more. The laptop riser is designed with nickel-plated adjustable feet and adjustable height, so it can be tailored to fit any workspace. Plus, installation is easy as can be – just screw the 4 legs in place and you’re good to go!

The legs are made of 6mm plate glass and have rubber skids on the bottom to prevent slippage. This stand is also tough enough to hold printers, laptops, or any other heavy equipment. It’s perfect for use in the home office, study room, office, living room, or bedroom. The maximum load capacity is 35kg/77lbs., making it ideal for any device you need to elevate.

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