5 Best Cocktail Sets in 2022

Whether you’re a professional bartender or just a cocktail enthusiast, there are some things that every home bar should have. In this article, we outline the five best sets of ingredients and tools for making cocktails at home.

What is Included in a Cocktail Set?

1. The first item on our list is a good cocktail shaker. A shaker is essential for mixing drinks, and there are a few different types to choose from. If you’re looking for something simple, a basic shaker with a built-in strainer will do the trick. If you want something more versatile, you might want to invest in a two-piece shaker set with multiple strainers and jiggers.

2. Next up is a quality set of bar tools. You’ll need at least a jigger, a strainer, and a muddler to make cocktails at home. But if you want to get really fancy, you can also invest in things like an orange peeler, a bar spoon, and a swizzle stick.

3. The third item on our list is glassware. You’ll need at least one set of rocks glasses for serving up cocktails like old-fashioneds and manhattans. If you want to serve cocktails up in style, you can purchase vintage glassware or specialty items like martini glasses or coupe drinks.

4. Next comes ice! The fourth item that every home bartender needs is plenty of ice. Cubed ice is most often used in drinks served “on the rocks” (over ice). Shaved ices are more commonly professionals because it melts slower than cubed ice, giving drinks time to be properly diluted over dilution is often frowned on in cocktail circles.

5. The final item on our list is a set of ingredients. A well-stocked bar should have all the basics, like vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, and tequila. But it’s also nice to have a few specialty ingredients on hand, like amaros, vermouths, and liqueurs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cocktail Set

When looking for the best cocktail sets, there are a few factors to keep in mind. First, make sure that the shaker is of good quality and has a tight seal. This will ensure that your drinks are properly mixed and don’t become watered down.

Second, make sure that the bar tools included in the set are of good quality and will last for years. Cheap bar tools can be frustrating to use and often break easily.

Finally, think about what type of glassware you want to serve your cocktails in. If you’re just starting out, a basic set of rocks glasses will do the trick. But if you want to get fancier, you can purchase specialty glassware like martini glasses or coupe drinks.

No matter what type of cocktail set you choose, make sure that it includes all the basic ingredients and tools needed to make your favorite drinks at home. With the right set of tools, you’ll be able to mix up quality cocktails in no time.

The right cocktail set can really enhance your home bar! A standard shaker, strainer, jigger, and bar spoon will get you started on the road to making great drinks. Stock up on ice on some rocks glasses for serving up classic cocktails like old-fashioneds. And finish it all off with some specialty ingredients so that you can make some unique drinks at home. Make sure to check out our list of the five best cocktail sets on the market today!

5 Best Cocktail Sets

SHIKSHOOK Cocktail Shaker Set

SHIKSHOOK Cocktail Shaker Set - Includes Martini Shaker
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With the SHIKSHOOK Cocktail Shaker Set, you’ll have everything you need to make exquisite cocktails with ease. This martini kit comes with a sturdy, extra-thick cocktail shaker that seals perfectly and has a built-in strainer, making it easy to mix and pour your drinks.

The double jigger is also double-sided for precision measurements, while the 2 liquor pourers help keep your drinks cold and stylish. And to top it all off, this set comes with an E-Book of 150 recipes so you can get started right away.

Whether you’re a seasoned bartender or just starting out, the SHIKSHOOK Cocktail Shaker Set is sure to impress.

ChefLand 13 Piece Stainless Steel Bar Set

ChefLand 13 Piece Stainless Steel Bar Set/Professional Bar Tools Including Shaker/Jigger/Corkscrew/Speed Opener/Strainer
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This 13 piece kit features high-quality tools that are perfect for both professionals at work and at home. With everything you need to pour proper drinks, this bar set has everything you need to make your next cocktail party a success.

 It includes a 28 oz. shaker, 16 oz. shaker, red knob bar spoon, jigger, corkscrew, 6 black pour spouts, 4-prong strainer, and speed opener – everything you need to mix up delicious cocktails!

Winware Boston Cocktail Shaker Gift Set 

Winware Boston Cocktail Shaker Gift Set and Pocket Cocktail Guide with Winware Gift Box (6 Items)
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The Winware Boston Cocktail Shaker Gift Set comes with a 30oz Boston Cocktail Shaker, a Hawthorn Strainer, two Measures (25ml and 50ml), a Bar Spoon with Masher, and a Wooden Muddler.

The set is perfect for any occasion, from Christmas to Mother’s day. It also includes the WIN-WARE pocket-size cocktail-making guide, which shows you how to use the Boston shaker and how to make some of the world’s favorite cocktails.

Wyndham House Cocktail Shaker Set for the Home Bar

Wyndham House Cocktail Shaker Set for the Home Bar
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The Wyndham House Stainless Steel Bar Set is a comprehensive set that includes an 18.6-ounce cocktail shaker, stirrer, strainer, double jigger, and ice tongs – everything you need to create delicious drinks like a pro.

The stainless steel construction is durable and corrosion and impact resistant. It looks sharp on your bar and makes entertaining guests a breeze.

So why not add this stylish set to your home bar today?

Premium 7 Piece Cocktail Making Set

Premium 7 Piece Cocktail Making Set
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This top-of-the-line bar set comes complete with a 3 Piece Drink Shaker, a Bonus Double size 1 & ½ oz. jigger and a pre-built stand – making it easy to show off your bartending skills to all of your friends.

The shaker is made of strong stainless steel and is able to hold up to 24 ounces, while the included jigger ensures that you can make drinks of any size perfectly. The Bar Brat cocktail shaker set makes the perfect holiday gift.

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