10+ Best Tech Tools for Kids to Learn at Home

The following article will explore ways in which kids can learn new skills and information without the need for a formal classroom.

The internet is full of free or low-cost tools that are designed to help you learn just about anything – from coding to guitar playing, there’s something out there for everyone. Here are great tech tools for kids to learn at home!

Khan Academy Kids

The Khan Academy Kids is an amazing set of videos for pre-K and K kids. The activities are designed with creativity and scaffolding to teach foundational skills for kids ages 4+.

The video series follows around a character named Julius, who has his own personality and quirks that can help children relate better to him and what he teaches in this fun, engaging package.

With short, fun, and creative activities like feeding a smiling fish with french fries while balancing on the back of a turtle; counting frogs jumping over lily pads; putting on makeup; getting dressed in fancy clothes; playing instruments such as drums or guitars – our education app offers anything but typical learning experiences that can’t be found elsewhere. 

PBS Kids

PBS is a treasure trove of learning! It has been trusted for decades as the best educational TV channel on the air, and now with PBS Kids you can have them all accessibly in an app that’s friendly for little ones.

There is a wealth of PBS Kids programming available here with over 10K programs from their most popular shows including Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Sesame Street, Super Why!, Arthur, and more. These are really great choices with engaging animation and diverse casts who teach important lessons about math, science, reading & writing skills, or art curriculum.

The Robot Factory by Tinybop

The Robot Factory is a STEM app that challenges kids to create their own robot using geometric shapes. There are various tasks, including upgrading designs and collecting favorites. But the best thing about The Robot Factory?

Kids can experiment with their designs – over 1000 combinations! And for every successful win, there’s an equal number of failures, which teach creativity and resilience. It couldn’t be more exciting or empowering – especially since it’s available on all devices for free!

Cubelets Blockly

Introducing the newest and most versatile learner anyone’s ever seen. It only takes a few minutes to build your first Cubelets robot, but from there, you can make it as simple or as complex as you want. That means something for everyone-from those who are just starting their engineering career to those who’ve been programming since they were six.


Scratch is a tool that allows for more creativity in coding. Coding is everywhere, and Scratch offers a fresh start to concepts like code blocks, variables, and logic. It opens the door to new learning opportunities without limiting students to only one subject area or discipline.

Seek by iNaturalist

The world is full of curiosity and wonder, but we cannot always label what we see. New app Seek by iNaturalist will help you identify the things that catch your eye with just a little photo and an answer to two simple questions such as: How does it feel? Is it moving? The bottom line: Seek helps everyone “Seek out nature”.

Sky Guide

Sky Guide is an awesome, quality astronomy app that’s affordable for the classroom. This amazing astronomy app takes students on a journey through our vast universe. With regard to content, Sky Guide has everything from constellations to stars and planets—and even asteroids! There are plenty of viewing options as well.

Try Night Mode if you want your screen black with points of light shining outward in different colors. You can also check out things like time/date stamping or animations before deciding on one observation method.

And with C-ASSESS integration, tracking data becomes easier than ever before—whether they’re planning observations or touring this jaw-dropping world just outside their own front door!

Technovation Families

AI and machine learning may sound like they’re relegated to just really smart people with a lot of expertise, but that’s not the case! Technovation Families is an online community where students can find difficult AI concepts made easy.

It makes difficult AI challenges easier for our younger learners as well as those who need extra help with challenging topics such as categorization and classification. The Family Edition even offers lessons parents can use to learn alongside their kids at home or in the classroom! 

Picture Dots

Picture Dots is an excellent kids’ toy. Kids will love connecting the dots with interactive media creator that comes to life when you touch it. The problem, though, is that’s all there really is–playing the game until you run out of levels or get bored.

There should be more settings and other activity modes for older children in particular because this one isn’t expected to hold their attention for long periods of time.


Practice math skills the adventure way. Prodigy, an adaptive math practicing app, draws out children’s inner prodigies with exciting missions to complete—each mission tailored specifically to their strengths and weaknesses.

Progressive but also customizable for varying skill levels, Prodigy helps students work on concentration, focus, speed of calculation- so they’ll be ready for every type of problem thrown at them in school.

With hand-drawn environments full of elite landscape explorers to interact with and plenty of interactive objects, this is a game that promises hours upon hours of brain activity without sacrificing all those precious moments outside getting sunshine or climbing trees or eating ice cream.


GoNoodle is a whole new way to get kids aware and active, without all the fuss. Designed by an educator and healthcare professional, GoNoodle’s goal is to give kids simple workouts that make them feel happy while also providing fitness guidance for parents.

Each workout has its own lesson plan with exercises covering everything from STEM activities like puzzles and games to traditional fitness regiment favorites like aerobics and dance crews. Best of all, because GoNoodle simply requires web access or use of a phone app, you don’t need to have a gym membership or any equipment at home.

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