10+ Best Digital Library and Reading Websites and Tools

A digital library is a website that offers readers access to various types of literature, from e-books and audiobooks to comics and magazines. Whether you want the latest bestseller or an out-of-print classic, your local library may not have it in stock anymore. But there are a few different websites and tools for reading materials available on the internet. These libraries offer instant downloads so you can read at your own convenience without having to wait for a book order to arrive!

Best Websites and Tools for Digital Library and Reading

Lexia Core5 Reading

Lexia Core5 Reading is a blended reading program that promotes targeted and individualized growth, and it has all those components your students want: choice.

Plays catch-up by getting struggling readers up to grade level in just 50 minutes per day; tracks daily progress, then adapts instruction as needed; helps emerging readers achieve success with Early Reading levels – Levels A1 and A2 support content developmentally appropriate strategies such as learning sounds and letter shapes; applies high-frequency words for hyper reading; helps develop comprehension skills through well-aligned text sets, clever word work puzzles, built-in assessment activities like quizzes and spelling games.


Raz-Kids is an online reading comprehension program that helps kids work on their fluency in an enjoyable way. Kids skim pages, read orally or in silence with highlighting and note-taking tools, record themselves to be able to listen back for future review and get detailed progress reports based on the built-in adaptive quiz system.

The site offers a wide variety of leveled books, so it’s ideal for beginning readers learning how to read longer sentences while still enjoying short picture books. If your child struggles with differentiating between letters—a common problem among young children—the company offers remedial pages which can help them learn skills like letter formation recognition and handwriting readiness.


Bookshare provides a digital library for those with print disabilities. Our mission is to provide the best possible access to books and materials, no matter what physical issues you may be experiencing. Don’t let troubling sight, dexterity, or mobility problems keep you from reading great literature!


MyON is a new and versatile reading device for kids, built on the NoScreenTime platform we unveiled last year. Import your favorite e-books to MyON and start reading anywhere you want! That’s right: no screen time necessary. Choose from our extensive library of top childrens’ books or import your own personal favorites – offline!

With the press of a button, hear those stories aloud with crisp audio that brings those characters to life. Connect it to Bluetooth headphones so only You can hear… and freak out over all those twists and turns as they happen! But take note: this isn’t just an auditory experience; MyON also features easy digital annotation tools so you can keep track of where you left off or quickly find key passages.

Skybrary for School

Skybrary for School is a service that offers a set of online lessons and digital resources tailored to your subjects. Teachers can purchase this product at a low monthly rate, which comes with curriculum packs made specifically for their courses.

With Skybrary, teachers have access to over 10 million articles, videos, questions, and classroom activities from more than 300 trusted partners in education – all without the need for an internet connection!


We all know the importance of reading, and one way to get kids engaged is with something they’re familiar with. Headsprout begins by covering difficult tasks like decoding words and coming up with meanings for unknown words. These lessons eventually become where kids will learn advanced skills like analyzing essays or vocabulary tests.

Details like making sure that all 50 states are covered (North and South Dakota included) and grade level accuracy ensures that whether you’re a third-grader or adult, there’s plenty of ways to learn new things!


ReadingIQ is a great platform for lovers of all kinds of books. From children’s to classics, if you like reading this app has your name written all over it. With quality content and an interesting layout, this innovative app provides readers with the best possible experience on their smart devices.

A highlight of this interactive library is that there are no ads whatsoever! We may promote our other products but never intrusive pop-up advertisements here at ReadingIQ! There are some drawbacks though; more often than not you will not be able to find quite what you’re looking for because there are just so many titles available on the account, oftentimes leaving writers’ desired titles buried at the bottom of scrolling pages.


Rewordify is a text-leveling tool that gives every student access to complex readings. For the past two decades, teachers have been struggling with how best to teach today’s students who are reading at levels well beyond grade level but far below college level.

This program will give every student in any classroom hours of required – and fun – homework not seen since early childhood literacy instruction was introduced decades ago! By leveling texts from beginner to tenth-grade reading comprehension, Rewordify has created a way for all learners to read age-appropriate materials without feeling frustrated or bored.


CommonLit is both funny and educational. We all know that reading isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world to do, but CommonLit makes it a lot more fun! With two different book levels available- for elementary students who are just getting started with their reading skills, or 8th graders about to take their SATs- you can find whatever suits your needs.

Actively Learn

This revolutionary tool will revolutionize classrooms! Actively Learn is more than just an interactive e-reader, it’s a member of your teaching team. Activate the enlightening touch screen along with sound text cues for students to read independently while providing live data on their progress. This means less time standing in front of the class, making greater room for creativity and student engagement.

Serial Reader

Serial Reader is an innovative literary app that divides classic pieces of literature into short, discrete messages. The messages are sent out over the course of days or weeks in order to allow the reader time to process fully before continuing onto the next message.

This particular method means immersion in a text can be offset by periods of reflection and contemplation, making it much easier for readers with limited time on their hands to read classics instead of being intimidated by what they feel may be bombarding them all at once.


These sites are a great way to read free or discounted books. For anyone that enjoys reading, the digital library is an easy and enjoyable way to keep your love of reading alive even when you’re on the go.

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